With Mophie Powerstation Plus XL the Power Grid Comes with You

The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL works on a simple premise: you are on the go and you don’t have time to stop and plug in to charge your phone. A power brick is a necessary item for your busy lifestyle. The Powerstation Plus XL builds on that premise with a battery that packs 10,000mAh. The idea of portable energy may not be unique to Mophie—Belkin also provides external power packs certified by Apple’s MFi licensing program. What Mophie does different, however, is to eliminate the craziness of cables.

mophie with smartphone in table

The Powerstation Plus XL charges using an Apple Lightning cable—the same type of cable that comes with your iPad or iPhone. That “Plus” designation also reveals that the Powerstation comes with a built-in Lightning connector, so even if you have a charged Powerstation but forgot the cables at home, you can still charge your devices. What’s more, the integrated cable allows for simultaneous charging of both the pack and your device. The Powerstation also comes with Qi coils, which means you can charge it wirelessly by setting it on any compatible wireless charging dock. The Powerstation is roughly the size of an iPhone 8, just a little thicker, and comes with a fabric cover. It is available in heather gray, slate, black, and deep blue.

Check it out

charging tablet mophie

mophie powerstation in table

mophie powerstation full view

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