Woojer Edge is an Immersive Speaker that Lets You Wear & Feel Sound

Great sound is a vital part to gaming, music, and movies, but even the best headphones still lack in giving you the full experience. The Woojer Edge picks up the slack by letting you feel what you are hearing.

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It’s that same sensation you get when you’re at a concert or in the club and the bass is thumping so hard that you feel each beat in your chest. Or, imagine being able to feel the massive footsteps of a tyrannosaurus rex as it approaches in the latest Jurassic Park movie, or feel the percussion of a blast as a bomb goes off in your favorite first person shooter. That’s what Woojer offers. Their vision is to fill in the other 50 percent of a listening experience that headphones just can’t provide.

Woojer Edge with light

Here’s how it works. Sound is more than just audio waves, it’s also air movement. Headphones can recreate the audio part, but they don’t create that air pressure changes. Woojer uses haptics to help you feel the sounds that you are listening too. The haptics are created by “Osci”—a patented oscillating frame that can reproduce and play frequencies up to 500Hz, including those subsonic frequencies that you can’t hear, but you can feel.

Woojer Edge belt

If you’re wanting to have the fully immersive experience—from music to movies to games—you have a couple of options with Woojer. The first is a vest that holds six Oscis for that full experience. The vest is optimal for gaming and virtual reality, but music producers also benefit from the experience. The second is a strap that has a single Osci, but is still able to give you that immersive sensation, all without having to have the volume up so loud that the cops will soon be knocking on your door. You can wear the strap around your hips, across your chest, or cross-body. It folds up small enough to be placed in your backpack, and is convenient enough that you can wear it while gaming, working out, or just walking.

Why just listen to sound when you can truly experience down to your bones by feeling it with the Woojer Edge?

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