Work Out and Sleep Better With Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit has launched the Alta HR, the world’s slimmest fitness wristband with continuous heart rate monitoring and new advances in sleep tracking resulting in actionable insights into your health so you can stay motivated and reach goals in style. Thanks to user feedback, Fitbit decided to partner with PurePulse to develop a one of a kind chip that reduces the number of components needed for the wristband achieving a 25% slimmer design than the Fitbit Charge 2.

The sleek new Fitbit measures calorie burn all day, including the non-step exercises like yoga and spinning. See real-time heart zones on your wrist and complete summaries via the companion app to balance health and fitness goals. The app further measures resting heart rate and trends for you to monitor how consistent exercise can improve heart health over time. In addition to heart rate and calories burnt, Alta HR also measures steps, distance and active minutes with a battery that lasts up to seven days. The SmartTrack function differentiates and records activities like walking, running, cycling, aerobics and sports. Alta HR also handles a bunch of smartwatch features including reminders, calls, texts and calendar notifications.

men running wearing fitbit alta hr in the hand

PurePulse technology significantly improves sleep monitoring through Sleep Stages, a feature which uses the accelerometer to monitor heart rate and data variability to more accurately estimate how long you spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages, plus waking time each night. As everyone’s sleep cycle is different, a better understanding of your own sleep quality and patterns will help you realise the impact and make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve sleep over time. The implications can go far beyond understanding why you may occasionally wake up exhausted. Tracking sleep patterns could also help identify signs of a sleep condition that should be discussed with a doctor. Fitbit has logged over 3 billion hours of sleep, uniquely positioning the brand to deliver powerful insights.

men sleeping wearing fitbit alta hr in the hand

Alta HR will launch in many styles with a large selection of accessories to fit individual taste and occasions. Classic trackers will launch in black, blue, grey and fuschia with matching aluminium buckles while Special Edition trackers come in 22k rose gold or classic black with matte gunmetal. Luxe leather, luxe stainless steel or designer collections from Vera Wang and Tory Burch close out the options. Alta HR is available for presale today with the release set for early April 2017.

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