Working with Worx – 20V Worx Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver

As men, we like practicality and versatility. Worx has created a cordless drill that acts as both a drilling and driving power device. It’s lightweight which allows users to drill or drive for a long period without causing fatigue to their hands. The ergonomic handle has a small shield that protects the hand from the bit that isn’t in use. No need to find a powerpoint or extension cords, this drill runs on two Lithium-Ion 20V batteries. On a full change and used continuously, the battery lasts for two hours. This cordless feature gives users high flexibility to move wherever they need to and get the job done without a tangle.

worx 20v worx switchdriver drill tool box

The two speed rotating 1/4” hex dual-chuck drill allows users to quickly switch between the two options. Creating pilot holes and setting screws could never get any easier. To drill and drive, simply switch the button on the body and twist the drill’s head. Being a handyman could never look more simpler with the Worx Switchdriver.

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