The World’s First Laundry Folding Bot – Laundroid

Technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, to the point where almost everything can be automated. Now, laundry isn’t fun, so why not leave Laundroid to do it, while you have fun? Daiwa House, Panasonic and Seven Dreamers got together and collaborated on this project to create this futuristic concept.

It took a little while for the robot to fold a t-shirt and place it into a cabinet, so it’s not ready to tackle an entire basket, just yet. Technological advancements come in regularity, so I won’t be surprised that it will ready-made for a few baskets in the near future. At present, you’re still saving yourself time to having not to fold laundry yourself. Pre-orders start in March 2017 exclusively in Japan, with a limited amount to go on sale in the US as well. We are sure that it will eventually find its way to our Aussie shores in the future.

Check it out

laundroid in bedroom

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