Are You Xperienced? Sony Unveils Xperia XZ Smartphone at IFA

The recent IFA in Berlin introduced a slew of gadgets and devices that will roll out in the following months to high expectations. Among them was the latest smartphone to join Sony Mobile’s Xperia X series family: the Xperia XZ. Like so many smartphones in 2016 the Xperia XZ ramps up the camera technology and makes a few design and battery life adjustments in an effort to meet modern consumer demand for a faster, longer-lasting smartphone that delivers brilliant picture quality.

sony xperia xz smartphone on table

To fit naturally in your hand the Xperia XZ employs a loop surface design for a seamless continuum between the 5.2″ glass display and metal back. The case is water resistant and includes a fingerprint sensor power button on the side for an extra tier of swift, convenient security. The battery life on the Xperia XZ is also longer than ever before thanks to their new Battery Care that’s accompanied by Qnovo charging, which adapts to the charging habits of the owner to optimize battery usage. The smartphone is also equipped with a Smart Cleaner that cleans the cache on certain apps, again based on the owner’s usage habits. Powering the Xperia XZ is a trusty Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with X12 LTE. Some fans are scoffing at the 3GB of RAM but so far it’s not enough to drag momentum or anticipation.

sony xperia xz smartphone rearview

However, the real take away from Sony’s new smartphone is the lightning fast 23MP camera that goes from standby to capture in 0.6 seconds. Joining the camera are a ton of features such as enhanced shutter speed and focus control as well as “triple image sensing technology”, which captures imagery and colour in motion with brilliant clarity and resolution under any circumstances. In the front of the smartphone is a 13MP camera with a wide angle lens for all those mandatory selfies. On the video front Sony has developed technology such as SteadyShot, Intelligent Active Mode, and 5-axis stabilisation to provide a seamless and superior 4K user experience.

sony xperia xz smartphone front and rearview

John Featherstone, Managing Director of Sony Mobile, Oceania, had this to say: “With Xperia we want to assist you when and where it matters most, making your everyday lives more convenient, more effortless, more spontaneous. Xperia XZ lets you capture every moment as you see it, with blur-free images day or night, and with true to life colours thanks to our new triple image sensing technology.”

Check it out

sony xperia xz gray front and rearview