Yecup 365 is a Temperature Adjustable Travel Mug

Cold coffee is the worst. Coffee that’s too hot to drink is the second worst. It’s literally a painful tease of things to come. That’s where Yecup 365 comes in. Yecup is the first temperature adjustable smart mug that can cool or heat your drink, all day while on the go. Fine-tune your drink’s temperature with the special built-in buttons on the mug or by one finger from the companion smartphone app. Yecup connects via Bluetooth, and the app shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit and allows you to check in on the current temperature of your drink at real time.

temperature adjustable smart mug

Checking battery life, setting drink presets and a push notification make up the rest of the benefits of using the companion app. As for the mug itself, it’s all hush-hush patented technology, so we can’t tell you exactly how it works just that it does. The mug features a sleek aesthetic and fits the measurements of your typical travel mug. It’s available in two sizes and doubles as a phone charger! Yes, you read correctly. It’s not cheap; we guarantee it will be the most expensive travel mug you buy, but Yecup 365 will quickly become a staple of your daily routine.

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temperature adjustable mug features a sleek aesthetic

temperature adjustable smart travel mug

temperature adjustable black color mug

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