Zolt is One Charger to Rule Them All

Your charging routine just got easier as Zolt is branded the world’s smallest, smartest and lightest laptop charger. It also charges your phone and tablet all at the same time. Zolt requires one outlet and features a built-in laptop charger plus a trio of USB inputs. Zolt is 4x smaller than a standard laptop charger, about the size of a lipstick and is 3x lighter. It’s also compatible with cameras, GoPros, anything USB related. Zolt delivers streamlined, intelligent charging for life on the go.

zolt laptop charger plus

Now that we’ve established how Zolt is the most efficient charger, it’s time to look at its smart design. One common problem with chargers is that they don’t always fit in the nook of your outlet space. Zolt manages tight spaces by simply rotating 90 degrees. You can easily carry Zolt in your pocket without worry of the prongs stabbing you as they fold for compact storage. The built-in laptop cable wraps up neat when not in use and Zolt is topped off with a beautiful brushed scratch resistant finish. The Intelligent power protection will take care of any potentially dangerous power surges.

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zolt ac adapter with the multiplug