Slope iPad Stand

Slope iPad Stand

The Slope iPad stand allows your iPad to be used similar to a laptop adding just the right angle for work. What makes this stand unique is the suction technology….

Indoor Mini Basketball Set

Indoor Mini Basketball Set

  If you are the type of thinker that works best while your mind focus on one thing and your body on something else, try slam dunking those ideas with…

Pinkbike 2015 Calendar

Pinkbike 2015 Calendar

Pinkbike are rolling out their 2015 calendar with some amazing shots. For a sneak peek and order information check out the link. Check it out

Black & Tan CB550 Build by Brady Young

Black & Tan CB550 Build

If custom build bikes is your thing especially when they have a vintage history, Seaweed and Gravel is the place you want. See some of their custom builds they made…


Jack Spade Conway Fall ’14

This Conway 38mm watch from Jack Spade runs on the Ronda Swiss 717 movement and is set in a brushed stainless steel case. The most distinct features of this rugged…

singet rings

Digby & Iona Signet Rings

Although the age of kings has passed some traditions never dies. Digby & Iona released some wicked and rugged signet rings by taking an ancient shape and give it a…


Starckbike Giro Helmets

Industrial designer Philippe Starck collaborated with the renowned performance bike accessories giant Giro to create a spectacular and futuristic bicycle helmet collection. Inspired by the world of motorcycling the S+ARCKBIKE…

Autodromo Stradale

Autodromo Stradale

Drawing inspiration from dashboard instruments from Italian sports berlinettas of the late 1950s and early 1960s, Autodromo takes you back to the era of Gran Turismo with this stunning Stradale…


Adidas Autumn/Winter 2015 Sneak Peak

Man of Many was lucky enough to be front and centre at the Sydney launch of Adidas’ Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection. Filled with bright neons contrasted against bold black and whites, this…



Just when you thought you are a big boy and no longer require training wheels on your bicycle, someone takes the concept to a different level. The Halfbike is half…


Boreas Backpack

2014 Christmas Gift Guide – The Outdoorsman

Unlike Bear Grylls, most of us rely on our equipment help us survive the wilderness. It’s always wise to be well equipped so that you don’t end up in a situation where you’re forced…

tech gift guide1

2014 Christmas Gift Guide – The Tech Head

This is by far my favourite gift guide of the year to put together. The only problem is which smartphone, smartwatch, laptop or computer to choose for this Christmas! With…


2014 Christmas Gift Guide – The Musician

This one’s for the guys on their way to becoming the next Slash, Kat, Bob, Bob, Jimi or Jimmy… Or at least those who try to be. The 2014 Christmas gift guide…