dyson humidifier

Dyson Humidifier

The Dyson humidifier looks like something that could be found in a spaceship. Before releasing any mist, the water in the tank is exposed to an ultraviolet light and then…

moto hint

Motorola Moto Hint Earbud

The Moto hint is a discreet wireless earbud designed to look good and feel great. Pair it with your Moto X and if you have the Moto X second generation…

gopole scenelapse

GoPole Scenelapse

The GoPole is a body unit that you can mount your GoPro camera on. It can either be mounted on a rotating pole on a tripod. It comes with a…


Zippo Hand Warmer

This is an absolute must for all outdoor adventurous people. The hands are always one of the first body parts to go cold because of the exposure. The Zippo hand…

Lieca x Edition Moncler

Lieca x Edition Moncler

The Leica X camera delivers exceptional picture quality with its outstanding Summilux optical performance and 16.5 MP CMOS. The fully automatic program control provides an uncomplicated photography experience but should…

Roam Ropes

Roam Ropes

ROAM Ropes is a light, strong, durable and comfortable earphones. Features include amplification, digital signal processing and noise equalization to deliver precision sound. The sound can be personalised to your…

ipad air mini

iPad Mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 update was a little disappointing this year to be honest with almost the exact same specs as the iPad Mini 2. What’s changed? It now comes…

ipad air 2

iPad Air 2

There’s rare occasions that the sequel is better than the original, and this is one of them. The new iPad Air 2 is a crazy 6.1mm thin… you heard right….

Schiller X1 Water Bike

Schiller X1 Water Bike

Gone are the days of peddle boats. The X1 from Schiller is the worlds most advanced production water bike, engineered for the thrill of cycling on the open water. This…


Nexus 6

Could this be the phone of the year? The new Nexus 6 runs the sweetest version of Android yet, Lollipop and oh man, when we say sweet, we mean it….