HARMAN Infinity Reference Series Loudspeakers

Enrich your home movie or sport experience with the HARMAN Infinity Reference series of loudspeakers. The heart of the infinity range is the Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm transducer technology. This…


Zenlet Intuitive Wallet

Zenlet is a new wallet design that is simplicity, security and intuition combined into one amazing package. With a thin design and non-compartmental design it is easy to store and…


Eight Accoustic iPhone Amplifier

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is not the only Stark with clever ideas. The Eight Acoustic iPhone Amplifier from Stark Handmade speakers is something to behold. Carved in the shape…


ICLOAK Stik – Internet Privacy Tool

This is the must have tool for anyone that is paranoid and security conscious. Or are convinced the government is out to get them. Browse internet safely and securely from…


Logitech Case+ Collection & Giveaway

Just when you thought that a cell phone case cannot change anymore, Logitech unleash the Case [+] on the world. Packed in box bigger than the one your iPhone came…


Keyless Keyboard

The next generation of keyboard or rather keyless typing is here. Well almost. AirType is a great concept where you have an intelligent keyboard in the palm or you hand….


Marshall Phone Case

Give your Samsung Galaxy S4 or IPhone 5s the classic look and feel of Marshall Amplifiers. Black soft-coated case and vinyl wrapping holds your phone in a vice-like grip. If…


SSSSSpeaker Bluetooth Edition

Kickstarter is the best idea since sliced bread. It has been the source of some of the best ideas and inventions in recent times. The SSSSSpeaker from aiia is a…