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We do accept free guest posts so long as they are from other bloggers and unique, high quality articles with content that is relevant to the Man of Many audience. If you wouldn’t share the article on your own personal social networks, then it probably doesn’t belong on our site.  We also offer several other Sponsored Post options for brands and websites that can be viewed on our Advertising page.

Please note: We do not work with any SEO organisations so please do not ask to purchase links. 

In order to create an article that we can post easily and matches with what our readers want we have created some guidelines for Guest Posts below. Please do not see them as restrictive but as a clear framework in which both Man of Many and you can benefit from getting your content online quick.

What Content to Write

Remember, we’re focused on men’s products, culture and style. The following type of content tend to do well with our readership.

  • Top 10 or Best Of lists
  • Trends for this season
  • How To’s, Style Guides or Tips to Get a Certain Look
  • Style or Fashion Icons
  • If you need inspiration, take at look at our Featured Posts category. 


  • Content must be 100% original and should not be published elsewhere on the Internet
  • Article length should be a minimum of 200 words.
  • Please feel free to use headings for your paragraphs. We can format this for you.
  • Post title should contain the keyword(s) that you want your readers to notice. Refer to this guide.
  • Please include a short 2-4 sentence bio to include at the end of the article.
  • Links are allowed though out the Article / Bio that are informative (links to models, wiki pages, newspaper articles). Links which are clearly for SEO purposes will likely be charged a fee (refer to Sponsored Posts).
  • If in doubt, refer to this post for help: 9 Ways to Become an Exceptional Guest Poster on ProBlogger.
  • We retain the right to alter the content to meet our own editorial standards as appropriate.


We welcome images along with your posts. 

  • Article images should be a minimum of 750 pixels wide – the length is not important.
  • If you know the source of the image please provide appropriate credit below the photo or at the end of the article – name and link if possible.
  • Featured Image (the thumbnail image) must be a minimum of 750 x 500 pixels in size.