Bittle & Burley Beard Brush

Bittle & Burley Beard Brush
Isn’t it embarrassing is it when you’ve just demolished a spinach pie, only to discover that there’s a scattering of puff pastry flakes entangled in your Tom Seleck caterpillar moustache? Do yourself a favour and get yourself a soft boar-hair Beard Brush by Bittle & Burley, hand carved from pine and it even comes with a cool little handmade handkerchief.  Whether you’re hipster, homeless or Happy Gilmore’s caddy’s, in order to command respect, you gotta keep those facial hairs tangle-free. US$45.00

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  • Reply March 21, 2013

    Bittle and Burley

    Oh no! There seems to be a mistake in your priceing here. Im the designer of this and its 45 US Dollars. Ive been getting emails asking me why its so expensive suddenly! Can you guys correct it? Id appreciate it! THANKS CHRIS MACMANUS

    • Reply March 21, 2013


      Hi Chris, apologies for the error. Not to worry, we’ve corrected our mistake. Thanks for letting us know.

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