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How We Test

At Man of Many, our mission is simple: To arm you with the information you need to make a positive investment in yourself and your community. We are your go-to experts on the latest in products, culture and style, providing authentic and up-to-date buying advice to help you make meaningful purchasing decisions.

As a completely independent publication, we focus on editorial impartiality by employing a stringent review-testing process. Where possible, we actively source the product directly from the manufacturer or distributor and complete a rigorous hands-on assessment, taking into account factors such as; 

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Price

With over 10 years of experience testing the best technology products, restaurants and gear in Australia, we have built a community of expert reviewers and journalists. Our team is committed to providing the best quality independent product journalism, designed specifically for those who want the latest and greatest in the world of technology, culture and entertainment.

Man of Many is an entirely self-funded, independent publication, meaning we are free to provide our thoughts and opinions without industry influence. Visit our About Us page for more information on Man of Many or view our Editorial Policy to see more of how we work. 

Our Review Process

In order to ensure that our reviews remain timely, accurate and independent, we employ a multi-step review process. 

  • Where possible, we source the product directly from the manufacturer or distributor.
  • We undertake a comprehensive review, taking into account our five key review pillars.
  • Next, the assessment is measured against the product specifications outlined by the brand for accuracy and personal experience.
  • We then consulate independent third-party user review sites, such as Trustpilot and Canstar Blue, taking all concerns into account.
  • The review is then fact-checked by our team of editors for accuracy and relevance.
  • All reviews are reevaluated on a rotating basis to ensure all information remains up to date. 

Our Review Methodology

With all our technology reviews, we focus on five main areas of scoring. Measuring products against these metrics provides a framework for assessment that can be easily replicated across product categories and styles, ensuring that comparisons between competitor products are straightforward and uncomplicated. The metrics we use for our reviews are:

  • Design – How does the product look and feel in your hands? Is the build quality high? Does the product have any specific design features that extend beyond what is functional?
  • Functionality – How easy is the product to use? Is it simple to set up and operate? What level of assumed knowledge is required to operate the product? Could you use this product every day?
  • Performance – Does the product complete the task that it was designed to undertake? Are there issues related to the execution of certain tasks/commands
  • Availability – How easy is the product to source? Is this something that can only be purchased/accessed by a limited number of people?
  • Price – How expensive is the product? Is this price fair for what you receive? Is this product good value for money?
Man of Many review team | Image: Man of Many
Man of Many review team | Image: Man of Many

Our Reviewers

Product reviewers at Man of Many are established journalists or industry experts boasting decades of collective experience across several key categories. Our Editor-in-Chief, Nick Hall, has over six years of experience working across business technology platforms, reviewing digital services and entertainment products. Similarly, Man of Many Branded Content Editor, Rob Edwards, has over 10 years of experience working across technology and gaming publications at Future Publishing, alongside content roles with Samsung, Amazon and Google, while Automotive Journalist, Ben McKimm, has over three years’ experience reviewing the latest electric vehicles, SUVs and performance cars.

Additionally, Man of Many employs the services of over 40 independent reviewers, journalists and industry experts across five continents to ensure our reviews have global appeal. For more information on the Man of Many staff and our list of contributors and experts, visit our Team page. 

Man of Many reviewer Ben McKimm getting hands-on with the ASUS ROG Flow 16 | Image: Man of Many
Man of Many reviewer Ben McKimm getting hands-on with the ASUS ROG Flow 16 | Image: Man of Many

Hands-On Reviews

At Man of Many, reviews can take many forms, however, the most important and common assessment that we complete is a ‘hands-on’ review. In this instance, the evaluation is undertaken by one of our in-house journalists over a series of days or weeks and sees them spend extensive time physically testing the product. These authentic reviews include the real-world opinions and experiences of the journalists who assessed the product, providing both positive and negative feedback where relevant. 

In circumstances where our team of dedicated experts and product reviewers are unable to physically inspect an item, we employ a three-step verification process. This begins with a comprehensive audit of the product specifications, comparing key features against the top-performing competitor products. Next, we take into reviews from independent third-party review platforms, including Google Reviews, Trustpilot and Canstar Blue. Finally, the product is fact-checked by our team of technology editors for accuracy and relevance, ensuring that all reviews remain current and precise. All assessments undertaken by Man of Many are subject to constant review and maintenance, regardless of when a product was released.