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Fact-Checking Policy

At Man of Many, we hold accuracy and accountability as fundamental principles of journalism. We strive to provide our readers with factual, well-researched, and unbiased information. Our fact-checking process involves several steps to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our content.

Source Selection and Verification

We gather information from credible sources such as respected publications, academic institutions, and expert interviews. We strive to use primary sources whenever possible. Before publishing any information, we verify the sources and the data to ensure their accuracy and credibility.

Cross-Verification and Fact-Checking

We cross-verify information and data by using multiple sources and comparing them to ensure consistency and accuracy. We fact-check statements, quotes, and data by reaching out to subject-matter experts, official bodies, and other relevant sources.

Editorial Review

All content is reviewed by our experienced editors, who ensure that the information is factually accurate, grammatically correct, and consistent with our journalistic standards.

100% Accurate Headlines

We strive for 100% accurate headlines and apply a rigorous vetting process to every news article on the site. Rumours and insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure the distinction between confirmed information and industry buzz that is of interest to our readers.

Corrections and Updates

We stand by the accuracy of our content, but if an error is identified, we correct it as quickly as possible and are transparent about the magnitude of the error. Any query by a reader will be thoroughly investigated and verified before a correction or clarification is issued. We update our content as necessary to reflect new information or changes in the story.

Industry-Leading Context

Man of Many provides industry-leading context that explains why that news is important to you. Our writers and editors are industry veterans – and make sure every new article has the latest info, the most accurate info, and all relevant details. When we are the original source, we follow basic journalism principles.

Providing Clarity to Readers

We make technical terms and statistics clear and comprehensible to readers, and provide evidence against source documents if necessary. We stress the importance of research and objectivity – as well as presenting a clear argument (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counter-arguments) – allowing us to address more possibilities and answer questions before they’re asked by readers.

For any questions, corrections, or update requests, please email [email protected].

By implementing these steps, we aim to provide our readers with accurate, timely, and comprehensive information that they can trust.

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