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Responsible Artificial Intelligence Usage & Disclosure Policy

As an independent publication that prioritises engaging, first-person journalism and reporting, Man of Many has implemented strict policies regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While AI tools are not explicitly banned within the Man of Many newsroom, the publication’s team of reporters, editors, video and social media producers are bound by the rules detailed in this policy.

As demonstrated across industries, the use of AI software may enable staff members to work fast, more efficiently and with greater creativity. These tools can often simplify menial or time-consuming tasks, providing enhanced efficiency for administrative purposes, concept ideation or story backgrounding. With technology and innovation core to the Man of Many business, having a firm understanding and actionable knowledge of ethical AI capabilities is critical to the ongoing development of the contemporary newsroom. 

Man of Many acknowledges that modern journalism is evolving and embracing new technologies is pivotal, however, that does not negate the publication’s accountability. The publication remains committed to ensuring that all written and visual content meets the Man of Many standards of editorial ethics, integrity and transparency. As such, all Man of Many employees are subject to the following AI rules:

Reporting & Written Content

Man of Many believes that accurate, realistic and human-led reporting is critical to the ongoing success of the wider publishing industry and a vital resource in the fight against misinformation. As such, no written AI will be published on Man of Many, with all journalists required to produce original reporting for every piece.

Journalists may implement AI tools for the purposes of research, transcription, formatting or ideation. However, this will not feature in the final published work unless explicitly disclosed. As per the existing Man of Many editorial policy, a human editor will always proofread and fact-check written content prior to publication.


Man of Man will avoid publishing life-like AI-generated images on-site unless explicitly disclosed. AI-generative tools may be used for the purposes of image resizing, alt-tag naming conventions and curation.


Man of Many understands and acknowledges the role of AI tools in the modern newsroom is developing rapidly. Under the stipulated guidelines, Man of Many journalists are permitted to utilise AI tools for the purposes of ideation, administrative tasks and supporting journalistic functions, however, are not to publish written AI content, unless the pieces centres around the use of AI content. In this instance, the article will be clearly disclosed, and any errors will be clearly flagged. Importantly, all content, written and visual, will be subject to verification and approval by a human editor, ensuring the utmost accuracy, originality and transparency.

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