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Unnamed and Annonymous Sources Policy

Man of Many understands the importance of protecting sources and respects the use of anonymous sources in cases where it serves the public interest. However, we prioritize transparency and accountability in our reporting and prefer to avoid the use of unnamed sources whenever possible.

When we do use anonymous sources, it is only after careful consideration and a rigorous process of verification. We require sources to have firsthand knowledge of the information they are providing and to be willing to provide documentation to support their claims. Additionally, we will always seek to corroborate information provided by anonymous sources through other sources or documentation.

We also believe in being transparent with our readers about the use of anonymous sources. We will provide as much information as possible about the sources and their motivations for remaining anonymous, and we will explain why their information is important to the story.

In general, we strive to use named sources whenever possible and encourage our reporters to develop strong relationships with sources who are willing to go on the record. We believe this approach is critical to maintaining the trust of our readers and upholding the highest standards of journalism.

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