Montblanc Releases an Exclusive Luggage Kit for BMW 8 Series

As if the BMW 8 wasn’t already exclusive enough, now the coupe comes with a set of luggage made especially for the series by German luxury brand Montblanc. According to the company’s press release, the luggage was inspired by the “spirit of California.”

The set of luggage includes five pieces: a neoprene-lined guitar bag, a round surf bag, a duffel bag with two separate zip compartments for shoes and accessories, a double-folding suit bag, and a leather case with plenty of room for accessories.

Montblan luggage kit

Each is made to match the luxe interior of the Series 8 Coupe and features the same high quality, perforated black or red leather with black trimming.

The luggage is handcrafted in Florence, Italy, and includes many design details that are distinct to the Montblanc brand. The carrying straps feature the Montblanc branding woven into them, and the Montblanc logo is subtly displayed on the front of each piece. Montblanc paid close attention to the details, even providing a pocket in the suit bag for cufflinks.

Montblanc luggage

Chances of getting a set for yourself are pretty slim as only 15 sets will be made. That extreme of a limit means a significant bump in price—the set will run you approximately USD$16,900.

Montblan hand carry bag

Of course, if you can afford the more than USD$100,000 for a Series 8, what’s a little more for an exclusive set of luggage? If that piques your interest, head over to the BMW Welt museum and brand emporium in Munich to pick it up.

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