Huckberry DIY Survival Kit Has What You Need

You don’t need Batman’s tool belt to survive— let’s be honest, when are you actually going to need shark repellant spray anyway? When it comes to survival, you need a few essentials and you’ll be fine. The Huckberry Survival Tin provides those basics in a convenient carrying case.

huckberry kit with rubber

The Tin includes a flint and striker so that you can start a fire for warmth and signalling. The striker also doubles as an emergency knife and saw. There’s also a multi-tool that includes butterfly and hex wrenches, a ruler, a screwdriver tip, a bottle opener, and a cord cutter. A wire saw for light duty sawing is also included, along with a glow-in-the-dark miniature compass.

The kit includes a folding survival knife with razor blade, a fishing kit with line and hooks for two fishing rigs, and a whistle. A 10-foot length of red paracord with a braided fishing line and jute firestarter in the core is also included. Even with all that, there’s still room to add a few suggested items, like aluminium foil, a plastic bag, iodine tablets, safety pins, a small mirror, and the always useful duct tape.

huckberry diy survival kit

You don’t need to have something for every possible situation when it comes to survival. A few key basics will be more than enough to help you make it through—basics like those found in the Huckberry DIY Survival Kit.

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