BMW’s HoloActive Touch Brings a Hologram in Your Car

Tired of pushing buttons? Has mashing your pretty pink digits into cruelly spring-loaded levers and dials broken your spirit? Maybe you fancy yourself a futuristic crime fighter like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Perhaps you are a failed classical conductor and fantasize about controlling things by just waving your hands around like a French Duke. Well, BMW has got just the thing for you, sunshine.

bmw holoactive touch car design frame

BMW’s HoloActive Touch system is a dashboard control system and holographic projector mounted in the forward area of the center column, (right where you tender fingers will naturally fall, snowflake), which projects holographic images which also create a tactile sensation on the driver’s fingers when they make contact with images.

Projections about this upcoming technology say it will allow the driver to operate a vehicle’s infotainment system, navigation computer, and whatever smart devices that have been linked to the vehicle’s onboard computer.

That’s right. You’ll no longer have to worry about 5-0 spotting you using your phone while driving and hitting you with another reckless driving citation. The BMW HoloActive Touch system lets you drive distracted while remaining 100% under the radar.

bmw holoactive touch car interior

The simulated physical feel of the holograms will be made real- we’re told- by Ultrahaptics, a company whose goal in life is to make things that aren’t real feel as if they are. Seems pretty magical right? Well, it ain’t princess, it’s science.

HoloActive Touch made its debut at this year’s CES extravaganza, and the demo model was nearly ruined by drooling nerds. But don’t worry, you can’t break it by dreaming- which is what you’ll have to do until this thing becomes real in around three to five years.

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