The 1972 BMW 2002 Race Car Can Be All Yours

Bringing the past into the present with stunning precision is Simon Diffey. The race car driver got his hands on the restored rolling shell of a 1972 BMW 2002, and then had it spruced it up accordingly. Aiming for ‘all steel, all glass’ specifications, Diffey wanted a 1970s style privateer race car for him and his son to play with, and play with it they did. Now the gorgeous car can be all yours for about $59,100 USD.

bmw 2002 race car front

Painted to resemble a race-car from the 1972 Spa 24-hours, the revived BMW 2002 exudes clean and classic vintage allure. Snitzer provided the 200bhp engine, which was built by Mass Racing, who put it to work before giving it one last overhaul. Included with the engine is a reconditioned Lester Owen head, courtesy of BMW specialist Laranca. Meanwhile, JP Rave Boxes Rob Riding handled the 5-speed gear box.

rear view of bmw 2002 race car

Driven by Jochan Mass at the 72nd Goodwood Member Meeting in 2014, the restored 1972 BMW 2002 comes competition ready. Get behind the wheel and drive in beautiful retro style.

Check it out

engine of bmw 2002 race car

steering of bmw 2002 race car

side of bmw 2002 race car

gold bmw 2002 race car

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