Sothebys Puts Ultra Rare 1987 BMW Alpina Up For Sale

The BMW Alpina B7 Turbo was a very rare car, with only 130 examples built on the E24 6 Series chassis, but there was a car that was even rarer—the catalyst-equipped Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe. Only 17 of these cars made it into production.

BMW Alpina front

The Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe only produced 320 braking horsepower, a drop in power compared to the 330 from the non-catalyst-equipped B7s. But where it lacked horsepower, it made up for it in torque, with an impressive 520 nm at 2,400 RPM. Those stats may have you wondering why such a car would make it into so many collector’s collections. It’s definitely not because the car was capable of achieving “supercar” status. What makes it so desirable is the fact that it was such a limited edition.

side view alpina vehicle

Sotheby’s has one of these rare beauties on the block. The car is in great shape with a classy black body. The interior is done in a deep red leather. The interior is actually an aftermarket “Exklusiv Interieur” that was added after the car came off the line in the Alpina factory. The car also features many of the other qualities that make the Alpina so rare, such as the stick shift, trunk unlock latch, and multi-spoke wheels.

There is also a complete trunk-mounted tool kit and first aid kit. The sound system has also been upgraded to a Sony CDX-J10 CD player with a disc changer mounted in the trunk.

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BMW Alpina steering wheel

dashboad and steering wheel

upholstery BMW Alpina

BMW Alpina vintage

1987 BMW Alpina