The Bootlegger BMW R45 Bobber Channels a Moonshining Legacy

Modification Motorcyles created their Bootlegger BMW R45 Bobber from a 1979 model that had seen better days. True to a moonshining legacy, the R45 was transformed to become something a bootlegger would use to run his product through the backwoods and backstreets.

Modification Motorcycles started with a “bob-job,” meaning they stripped down all non-essentials, including removing the front fender and shortening, or “bobbing”, the rear fender. The engine was completely overhauled, as were the gearbox and swingarm. The exhaust was custom made not only for performance but sound, and was treated in black ceramic. The mufflers jab up from behind in the seat reminiscent of the suped up jalopies used to run illegal liquor.

Just saying that the bike has two white-wall balloon tires might leave you wondering who made that decision, but the effect on the bike really makes it pop and further brings to mind that idea of creating a racer out of available materials that’s still capable of outrunning the law. Another design touch that emphasizes this motif even more is the addition of a small Czech army bandolier above the headlight.

There is a touch of technology with the digital Koso counter on the steering column. Overall, though, the bike maintains that throwback to a simpler time vibe. No wonder Modification Motorcycles went through so many iterations (they tried three different tanks, for example). Keeping that feeling of a bygone era in a bike couldn’t have been easy.

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