DIY Moto-Kit Helps You Turn a BMW R NineT into a Sense of Satisfaction

There’s satisfaction to be found in doing a job for yourself. Of course, there’s also a lot of frustration, usually because you can’t find the right piece or you don’t have the wherewithal to customize that piece to fit the way it’s supposed to. That’s why kits are so nice—someone has already taken care of all that hassle–you just have to bolt it on.

Hookie has a kit for fans of the BMW R NineT that is completely ready to bolt on. No fuss, no mess, just the satisfaction of putting together a beautiful bike.

top view diy moto kit bmw

The kit is compatible for all R NineT models that do not have the ECU unit directly under the seat. In the kit, you’ll find a subframe, a fuel tank (with an approximate 11 litres fuel capacity and that allows you to use the original fuel pump), two K&N air filters, a K&N Enginebreather filter, two K&N air filter meshes, and an E-Tray.

You’ll also receive an alcantara seat, a Snake cargo strap with the AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, and all the hardware parts you need. And just in case you’re an instruction follower, you’ll get a manual and a video tutorial.

Everything comes completely prepped, including powder coating, so all you have to do is bolt each of the parts on. There are also plenty of add-ons for some customising options.

bmw fuel tank

You can pick up the kit for €4,900.00 and get started toward your own customised bike and sense of fulfilment.

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bmw diy moto kit

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