Sydney nft art exhibition

Sydney Hosts Australia’s First Contemporary NFT Art Exhibition

Sydney will host the first international NFT art exhibition at Bondi’s Twenty Twenty Six Gallery. Serving as an introduction to the digital world, the inaugural Satellite exhibition will allow sceptics, fans, and digital artists to check out the untapped potential in how we perceive, interact with, and collect digital art. Audiences are invited to connect with NFTs beyond the screens of personal devices by utilising the QR codes in the exhibition space that link to NFT marketplace Foundation where art can be purchased.

Still confused? Check out our NFT explainer for everything you need to know about NFTs.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, non-fungible tokens amassed over $23 billion in trades in the last 12-months and the blockchain industry took a huge step towards mass adoption; recognised VCs, brands, and celebrities such as Eminem and Shaquille O’Neal have joined the space resulting in more than $27 billion of funds, according to Dapp Radar industry report 2021.

When: from 9 March 2022
What: Sydney’s first major international contemporary art exhibition utilising NFT (non-fungible token) technology.
Where: Gallery Twenty Twenty Six, 17 O’Brien StreetBondi Beach, NSW, 2026
Price: Free

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Beyond the exhibition, Satellite will host a live charity auction and series of panel talks that invite audiences to think further about digital ownership, provenance and the future of art.

Over 40 NFT artworks from a diverse array of leading influential Australian and international artists shaping the creative economy and NFT space will be on display, including;

  • Beeple
  • Jonathan Zawada
  • Serwah Attafua
  • David McLeod
  • BossLogic
  • Mikaela Stafford
  • Chris Golden
  • Jessica Ticchio
  • Yambo
  • Trevor Jones

Working with Carbon Neutral, Satellite will offset the carbon footprint of all NFTs exhibited at the event. This includes all carbon emissions associated with NFT minting, bidding, sale and transfer of ownership. The unavoidable emissions will be compensated for through the purchase of carbon credit units from Carbon Neutral’s reforestation project located in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, Western Australia.

More information can be found at Up-to-date details can be found @SatelliteNFTArt on Instagram and Twitter.

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