“The Porsche Art Book” Shows How Inspiring Porsches Are

Not only has Porsche inspired generations of car lovers, the car company has also been the inspiration for artists the world over. Author Edwin Baaske explores where that inspiration has led in a new photo book from publisher Delius Klasing titled “The Porsche Art Book.”

The Porsche Art hardcover Book

“The Porsche Art Book” takes a look at the works of classical artists who capture their vision in oil or acrylic as well as contemporary digital artists. The 24 artists in the book hail from all over the world—from the Scottish highlands to the North German Plain and beyond. You’ll find such names as Marcello Petisci, Wolf Gast, Nicolas Hunziker, Alina Knott, Uli Hack, Stephane Dufour, Tony Crampton, Dexter Brown, and Yahn Janou. “What the artists showcased in this book have in common is their affinity with technology as well as design,” wrote Michael Mauer, the Chief Designer for Porsche, in his introduction to the book. Mauer rightly describes Porsches as “drivable art.” The book includes 248 pages with 192 pictures, and was compiled by Uli Hack, who is best known for his work painting Formula 1 posters. Edwin Baaske provides the text, telling the story of how Porsche has served as an inspiration to so many talented individuals.

The Porsche Art Book pages

This isn’t a history book that delves into Porsche’s past. Rather, this coffee table book celebrates the art that comes from the world’s love of Porsche. Right from the get-go—even before you open the book—your imagination will be captivated by the work of Scottish 3D artist Chris Labrooy. The works displayed in the book have found their own audiences as well, with some of the pieces selling for five- and six-figure sums at auction. The 12 inch by 14 inch by 2 inch hardcover book will look fabulous on any coffee table or as an addition to any Porsche collection. You can pick up your own copy for $107.

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