Chicago Foxtrot – Huckberry Field Guide with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

As many of you (hopefully) know, we love online marketplace Huckberry so much we feature a monthly instalment dedicated to new products we find perusing their store. The retail hub takes things a step further with their Field Guides, where they select a city or region and highlight signature gear and clothing affiliated with that destination. Taking that a step further they recently employed the expertise of Illinois native Jeff Tweedy–brilliant frontman for the acclaimed band Wilco–to lead the way on their Chicago Field Guide.

It’s safe to say Tweedy knows a thing or two about Chicago. Wilco’s groundbreaking album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot features a Chicago landmark on the cover and the band has laid claim to the windy city as their representative home base. In the field guide we get to spend a day in the shoes of Tweedy as he does everything from describe his bowl of oatmeal as “rock and roll” to pass on a flashy guitar for being “too Trump” to go digging at a record store for what looks to be a Muppets Picture Disc LP.

huckberry field guide with wilco

The guide is ultimately a treasure trove of Chicago stores and restaurants and venues and activities, most of which were curated by Tweedy himself and a handful of them entailing a personal connection to the legendary (albeit modest) musician. And of course it wouldn’t be Huckberry if it didn’t feature a slew of clothing and gear that exude plenty of Chicago charm. Check it out when you get the chance.

Check it out

huckberry field guide with wilco jeff tweedy