Breitling Can Be Your Wingman Anytime

Revvin’ up your engine listen to her howlin’ roar. Metal under tension beggin’ you to touch and go…

Top Gun and Kenny Loggins cemented the air-force into popular culture, but watch brand Breitling has been pioneering the aviator style for at least 65 years now, with its Navitimer 8 wristwatches inspired by the cockpit clocks of the aeroplanes from the 1930s

Breitling’s newest campaign “Squad on a Mission” celebrates the power of a team and the collective spirit of squads united in pursuit of their mission. So of course, it takes to the skies entering the high-octane world of The Breitling Jet Team. The seven pilots are driven to work seamlessly together to master one of most demanding disciplines, requiring absolute precision, concentration, trust and audacity.

breitling jet squad

The pilots are certainly no spring chickens. Are they still all legally permitted to fly? Who knows? Eitherway it’s a fun media campaign. Over the coming months expect Breitling’s Squad on a Mission campaign to delve into the worlds of sport, exploration and cinema.

Check it out

breitling wristwatch on a pilot

breitling pilot

breitling watch wearing in the hand

breitling camera crew

breitling jet squad pilot

breitling jet squad pilot and cockpit

breitling jet squad black and white

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