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Casio Upgrades the ‘CasiOak’ with Bluetooth and Solar

The Casio GA-2100 or ‘CasiOak’ has become something of lore in the watch world. Its octagonal shape, which it inherited from the original G-SHOCK, resembles one of the most recognisable timepieces of all time – the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – and as such, has garnered widespread fandom for its looks alone.

In its latest iteration (May 2022) the watch gains some serious technological prowess that brings it outside the grips of the quartz movement, adding Bluetooth technology for timekeeping accuracy and solar power for longevity. Outside of the technology, the piece also integrates a new dial and a range of new colours that pay homage to the original G-SHOCK 5600 series. Let’s check it out.

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Casioak new range

Image: Casio

Casio GA-B2100 Technical Information

Price: ¥ 22,000 (tax included).
Case size: 48.5 x 45.4 x 11.9 mm
Weight: 52 g
Material: Impact-resistant structure (shock resist), Carbon core guard structure.
Glass: Inorganic glass.
Waterproof: Water-resistant to 20 bar.
Power supply: Tough solar (solar charging system).

So what does the app linkage function do? On the surface you might assume the app would bring technical capabilities with basic functions such as heart rate monitoring, however, the functions only extend to such basics as; Automatic time adjustment, Clock setting, World time of about 300 cities, Time & Place reminder, and Mobile phone search. A little disappointing in that regard as we were really excited for a seriously capable and fully-connected CasiOak.

The treatment of the dial is rewarding with a two-panel design that brings a three-dimensional effect to the LCD in dial. A new texture with different surface treatments and details has been carefully selected to enhance the visual elements, and a new thinner module and board layout better cope with the functional side of things e.g. Needle evacuation function where the needle temporarily retracts from above the LCD display if it overlaps with the LCD display. Underpinning the functional elements is a tough carbon structure that’s both strong, lightweight, and weather-resistant.

Pricing for the upgraded GA-2100 has been confirmed at ¥ 22,000, however, international (and Australian) pricing is yet to be confirmed. We’d expect it to sit around $279.00 AUD if it follows suit with the rest of the range. Follow the link below for more information.

Check it out

Casio ga b2100 1a1jf

Image: Casio

Casio ga b2100 1ajf

Image: Casio

Casio ga b2100 2ajf

Image: Casio

Casio ga b2100 3ajf 1

Image: Casio

Casio ga b2100c 9ajf

Image: Casio

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