Pappy van winkle 23 year old

Spend $75 At Huckberry And Get the Chance to Win a $3,500 Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Family Reserve

When it comes to the world of bourbon, rarity reigns supreme. And while you can get your hands on plenty of bourbons that taste just like Pappy van Winkle, they’re simply not Pappy. Finding a whiskey bar that offers Pappy van Winkle is hard enough but buying a bottle for yourself is more a dream than a reality. Even then, you may never find yourself with a 23-year-old whiskey in your hands.

Enter our friends at Huckberry. For their ninth year in a row, they’ll be hosting the annual ‘Pappy Day’ celebration, a one-day event on the 22nd of November that gives whisky fans the chance to win a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Family Reserve worth more than USD$3500.

The event coincides with a range of discounts across the whiskey range (including 35 per cent off our favourite whiskey peaks glasses right here). Check out our favourite products here, or shop more Pappy below.

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Barrel aged maple syrup

Image: | Huckberry

Pappy & Co. Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Pappy & Co. Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup is exactly what you think it is, maple syrup aged in retired Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels for an undisclosed period of time. There isn’t a better condiment to spread across your pancakes on Christmas morning. We absolutely love the overall flavour profile, bursting with a one-of-a-kind flavour symphony of vanilla, butter, oak and, of course, bourbon.

Price: USD$38

Buy it here

Bourbon barrel aged old fashioned cocktail mixer

Image: | Huckberry

Pappy & Co. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer

The same goes for the Pappy & Co. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer. This is everything you need to bring your favourite bourbon to life. Of course, there’s no Pappy van Winkle inside this mixer, however, if you’re daring enough to make yourself an old-fashioned with your winning bottle of 23-year Family Reserve then crown yourself king of the cocktail. Inside is a blend of bittering botanicals, burnt sugar, fresh orange peel, and spices that have been patiently aged in a retired Pappy bourbon barrel.

Price: USD$20

Buy it here

Pappy barrel aged pepper sauce

Image: | Huckberry

Pappy & Co. Pappy Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce

Pappy & Co. Pappy Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce is what we’ll be dabbing on top of a few chicken wings come Friday night. This is the type of sauce you want to bring everywhere with you, starting life as a quality sauce before being treated to aging inside retired Pappy van Winkle barrels. The limited edition Pappy Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce captures the heat of a Southern summer afternoon and the rich, oaky, smoky notes of the barrels.

Price: USD$12.50

Buy it here

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