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Feel-Good Friday: May 6 – A Very Sexy Schooner

Packer up boiz. The weekend has rolled around once again and we’re absolutely frothing for a piece of the action. After a week littered with weird new trailers and Will Smith 2.0 hitting the stage, we’re in dire need of some sense and stability. Insert the weekly dose of feel-good vibes. Wrap your mitts around this tasty little treat and settle in for a bumper few days. Here’s Feel-Good Friday for this week.

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Hawkes legend ipa 2022

Image: Hawke’s Brewing Co.

Hawke’s Brewing Co. Backs Landcare

Aussie beer legends Hawke’s Brewing Co. has dropped their third vintage of Legend IPA but this time, there’s an additional sweetener. According to the brand, $1 from every can sold will be provided to Landcare Australia, the environmental not-for-profit established by the Hawke Government in 1989. The organisation helps to support mangrove conservation and enhancement in Queensland.

“Every year, we have a unique opportunity to honour Bob’s legacy with a limited release called Legend IPA,” says Hawke’s co-founder, Nathan Lennon. “This year, we’re reinforcing our ‘Every Sip Gives Back’ promise to Landcare Australia, with $1 from every can sold being provided to fund equipment for the Communities Enhancing Tidal Wetlands project in Queensland, a state that Bob loved and fiercely defended on the environmental front, from saving the Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest from the logging industry to expanding the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.”

This year’s sales of Hawke’s Legend IPA are set to go towards assisting the Cairns & Far North Environment Centre. The funding will help secure new equipment and resources to upskill volunteers, Indigenous Ranger groups and Landcare groups, as well as increase the capacity of the citizen-science group to obtain data on tidal wetland values and threats.

Better still, Hawke’s has unveiled a monster mural of the great man himself at popular West End pub venue, The Montague Hotel. The mural depicts Bob Hawke wearing nothing but a pair of budgy smugglers, while holding a glass of beer in one hand and a newspaper in the other, with the headline reading “HAWKIE SAVES DAINTREE”. If you want a lend a hand in the tastiest possible way, grab the new Hawke’s Legend IPA now!

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Image: PA

The Woman Who Gave Away £57 Million

Ever wondered what you’d do if you hit the jackpot? For 55-year-old former teacher Frances Connolly, she found out when her lucky numbers were called for the EuroMillions back in 2019. Just a few years later and the Brit has revealed that she’s given away more than half of her £115 million prize pool to good causes.

“I get to change people’s lives every day if I want to. Helping other people and doing something to help other people will lift you,” she told The Mirror. “If you can give to others, whether it’s time or money, it’s really important, it gives you a buzz. It’s addictive. I’m addicted to it now.”

According to reports, Frances has donated money to charitable endeavours that go towards buying essentials for Ukrainian refugees, a caravan for young carers and a host of other terrific ventures. Serious stellar stuff from a lucky lady. We’d like to think we’d do the same.

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Red rooster plate up

Image: Red Rooster

Free Chicken for a Whole Year!

There are no two ways about it, being on P plates absolutely sucks. Everyone looks at you funny, nobody lets you merge and you don’t have enough to afford a car that runs properly, but at last, there is good news. Red Rooster is offering P players the chance to win free chicken for a whole year, as part of the chain’s PLate Up initiative. Created in collaboration with NRMA, the new campaign aims to make the nervous first trip to drive-through all the more enjoyable.

According to the brand, by signing up to the Red Rooster loyalty program ‘Red Royalty’ and submitting the code PPLATE, new drivers will be able to claim a free piece of Reds’ Crunchy Fried Chicken every month, for a whole year. Better still, the patient parents in the passenger seat can score a Big Reds Feast using the code LPLATE. If you love a feed and just got your licence, we know a spot.

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Doritos 3d crunch

Image: Doritos

Doritos 3D Crunch is Back From the ’90s

The early ’90s gave us a lot of great things – Hanson, middle parts and cargo pants, and while all three of those are making comebacks when they frankly shouldn’t, there is one long-lost relic that we’re happy to see return. Doritos has announced 3D Crunch, the three-dimension chip and arguably the most requested Doritos innovation ever is heading back to Aussie shelves. The puffed-up versions of the classic triangle-shaped corn chip are lighter, airier and crispier, arriving in Extreme Cheese, Spicy Salsa and Sweet Chilli flavours. Just delightful.

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