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Bold View Beard Oil Sandalwood bottle

WIN! An Entire Year’s Supply of this Confidence-Boosting Beard Oil

Allow us to introduce Bold View, makers of an exceptional (or shall we say “bold”) new beard oil. Picking up where most counterparts leave off, their inaugural product doesn’t just promote healthy hair growth and a fuller beard. Thanks to the power of added Sandalwood essential oil scents, it also heightens moods and boosts confidence levels. You’ll be bringing out your best self as you flaunt a masculine fragrance to go with your distinguished aesthetic. To kick things off with a beard-loving bang, the brand is giving away an entire year’s supply of their glorious debut product. Enter here.

The product is set to launch on Amazon in early December, so be sure to subscribe to Boldview’s newsletter or follow them on Instagram to be the first to know about availability.

In the tradition of top-tier grooming essentials, Bold View Beard Oil will indeed nourish your facial follicles as it promotes a healthy, fuller beard. However, the product forges its own path with the addition of Sandalwood essential oil scents. Wonderfully aromatic in its own right, this particular fragrance has been scientifically proven to heighten mood and bolster confidence. It all plays into the brand’s core mission: to help men become their best and most dashing selves through the power of grooming, self-care, and personal style.

Pretty much any modern male knows that the secret to a great beard is a great grooming regimen. Bring in Bold View’s unique aromatic profile and you get the full package in follicle form. Your facial hair will retain a nourishing lustre as it grows and grows, smelling downright terrific in the process. We can think of few better ways to acquaint yourself with this new brand and their debut product than by winning a full year’s supply. May it do wonders for your entire sense of self, meaning your scent, appearance, and mood alike. Good luck.

Enter the giveaway below:

Bold View Sandalwood Beard Oil Giveaway


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