Isle of Harris Gin. Made With Seaweed

You have probably heard of the Isle of Harris Gin. It is so popular that people everywhere seemed to be talking about it—on Facebook, the news and just everywhere. People seemed desperate to get their hands on a coveted bottle of the gin. The distillery that makes this gin had to take desperate measures and ration it. Only thirty customers were able to purchase a bottle last year.

isle of harris gin poured in glass

The Isle of Harris Distillery, which is located on the Isle of Harris on the shores of beautiful Tarbert harbour, is the island’s only commercial distillery. They officially opened for business at the beginning of the September 2015. Praise for the gin was exceptional. As a result, shortly after the distillery opened, all 1000-plus bottles quickly sold out. Due to a limited number of special glass bottles that the gin is packaged in, the distillery was forced to announce a “Great Harris Drought of 2016” just ahead of their one-year anniversary. Customers were only allowed to buy a limited number of bottles of their popular No. 1 gin. Even Scottish actor Alan Cumming’s adorable dog Lala was apparently affected by the gin shortage. The actor posted a photo of his dog on social media looking less than happy at a sign declaring that the distillery would have to ration gin sales. Cumming wrote that Lala was “devastated” by the rationing.

isle of harris gin distillation

So, what makes this gin so special that it has to be rationed? It has just the right mix of botanicals to give it a special taste. It is also hand-harvested from Sugar Kelp (aka seaweed), which produces the subtle coastal notes that the gin is known for. To top it off, Isle of Harris packages the gin in a special, award-winning bottle that was hand-designed.

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