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Feel-Good Friday: 19 April 2024 – Croc ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Flavours

With the cooler weather finally making its presence felt, we’re sliding into the weekend feeling easy and breezy. The footy is on, the future is bright and we’re on the precipice of another four-day working week; this is living, Barry. To keep the spirits high and help you get in the weekend mood, we’ve pulled together our favourite feel-good stories from the last seven days. Here is Feel-Good Friday for this week.

Commonwealth Games boxing champion Harry Garside has teamed up with burger brand Grill'd | Image: Grill'd
Commonwealth Games boxing champion Harry Garside has teamed up with burger brand Grill’d | Image: Grill’d

Grill’d Packs a Punch with Harry Garside

Home-grown healthy burger brand Grill’d has teamed up with Olympic Games bronze medallist, Commonwealth Games gold medallist and nine-time Australian National Boxing Champion, Harry Garside. Together, the duo is dropping a range of new custom menu items, but that’s only the beginning. As a true ambassador for healthy living, Garside is also unveiling a raft of nutritional content focused on local community sport.

“Grill’d has always been a part of my regular meals while training and in competition,” says Garside. “I know it’s 100% natural, healthy and provides me with the nutritional replenishment I need. When my gloves are off and I’m home in Australia, my go-to burger is a Simon Says with pineapple and beetroot, plus a side of HFC bites for extra protein.”

More information on the new Harry Garside x Grill’d collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for new menu items and announcements.

Croatia | Image: Hrvoje Photography
Croatia | Image: Hrvoje Photography

The Travel Corporation Drops New Travel Saving Tips

European summer is coming, and naturally, the entirety of Australia is planning their annual commute back to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Provencial France and everywhere in between. However, this year, the purse strings are a little tighter. With the cost of living crisis wreaking havoc on the bank account, more Aussies are looking for travel-saving tips than ever before, and The Travel Corporation (TTC) is answering the call.

The Aussie-born travel agency has compiled a new report that dives deep into the emerging trends and economic factors impacting European travel. Somewhat surprisingly, the data found that 68 per cent of Aussies are planning on heading to Europe this summer, but just 23 per cent of them have completed their trip booking. In response, TTC dropped a range of new European travel deals, including $500 off an eight-day Switzerland rail tour through Zürich, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Geneva and Lucerne, $400 off a coach trip through the lush green Dutch countryside to the beautiful Rhine Valley, the shores of Lake Lucerne, and Paris and $1,000 off a Croatian sailing boat experience.

For more information on the new deals, check out TTC’s intensive list of travel brands and get pumped for the best European vacation ever.

Pringles x Crocs Collection | Image: Crocs
Pringles x Crocs Collection | Image: Crocs

Pringles and Crocs Launch a Delicious New Collection

If you haven’t been converted to the Croc-life, consider this your official invitation. The iconic slip-on footwear brand has announced a brand-new partnership with Pringles, the world’s favourite stackable chip. Launching on Wednesday, the new collaboration sees Aussies able to style up their outfits with three Pringles-inspired designs in fan-favourite Croc styles and of course, decorate them with matching themed Jibbitz. Each unique pair celebrates an iconic Mr. P from the past or present, with the full collection run-down below.

  • Pringles x Crocs Classic Crush Boot: With a first-of-a-kind Pringles Chips Small Can holder so Aussies can carry their favourite crisps on their favourite shoes.
  • Pringles x Crocs Classic Clogs: Featuring Mr. P’s moustache on the straps, these colourful clogs are available in four mix-and-match colours, each symbolising fan-favourite Pringles flavours.
  • Pringles x Crocs Classic Slides: A retro black-and-white Mr. P design featuring the global snacking icon’s stylish moustache.
  • Pringles-Themed Jibbitz Charms: For even more flavourful features, fans can enhance their new Pringles x Crocs Classic Clogs collection with five Pringles-themed Jibbitz Charm

Starting from $36.99, the new Crocs x Pringles collection is available online and at City Beach stores now, but you better get in quick. The Pringles x Crocs Crush Boots sold out on the Crocs website within the first two hours. Talk about hot property.

New children's book 'My Strong Heart' encourages Aussies to talk with their kids about heart health | Image: Amazon
New children’s book ‘My Strong Heart’ encourages Aussies to talk with their kids about heart health | Image: Amazon

Sydney Author Releases Heart Health Children’s Book

With Heart Health Week kicking off in early May, one Sydney-based professional is bringing the important issue back into view. Former clinical researcher turned author Alexia Paglia has released a new children’s book that focuses on cardiovascular health. Entitled My Strong Heart, the unique project encourages Aussies to have a conversation with their kids about heart health, and in comes none too soon.

Research shows that one in four Australians suffer from cardiovascular disease, with the figures currently on the rise. Paglia explains that she designed the book to help young people develop positive life-long habits.

“I’ve written this book as the first in my Dr Zig Zaccy Zoo series to help combat the rising rates of cardiovascular disease – Australia’s biggest killer,” Paglia said. “Most importantly is research has shown that teaching kids healthy behaviours from a young age is likely to result in life-long habits. Picking up this book is a strong move toward tackling rates of cardiovascular disease and generally improving healthy literacy.”

“I understand the factors contributing to heart disease. While medical treatment remains essential for those already affected, empowering families with health literacy can proactively mitigate future risks,” she continued. “Educating children about healthy lifestyle choices lays the foundation for a generation poised to prevent heart-related issues”.

The new book, My Strong Heart, is available to purchase through Amazon, now. You can find out more about the new children’s title via the link below.