Netflix unveils teaser for live action avatar the last airbender

New on Netflix in February 2024

Remember the abysmal M. Night Shyamalan movie The Last Airbender, which paled in comparison to the original animated series that preceded it? This February, Netflix will bring us another live-action adaptation of the story to presumably better results—fingers crossed. Otherwise, it’s something of a slow month in terms of exciting new releases, unless you count a new Tyler Perry movie or another season of Love is Blind as exciting (and if you do, we’re not judging). Here’s everything coming to Netflix Australia in February 2024.

Best New Series on Netflix

The whole reason we come to the streamer in the first place, new Netflix series launches are the stuff of gold. This month, we’ve got a host of new releases and series returns. Here are the best new series coming to Netflix in February 2024.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

What began as an animated series on Nickelodeon has since become a blockbuster franchise with multiple spinoffs across various mediums. This upcoming remake is the first to put a live-action spin on the story since M. Night Shyamalan’s aforementioned turkey from 2010. Against a war-torn backdrop, the last living Avatar—who can bend elements to his will—must prevent a deadly militaristic force from conquering the world. The show spent years in development so here’s hoping it was worth the wait!

Release Date: 22 February 2024

One Day

You might recognise actor Leo Woodall from the second season of The White Lotus, in which he played a seductive bad boy with a dark past. This upcoming miniseries—adapted from a bestselling novel—steers the actor into the role of romantic lead. It kicks off in 1988 with a chance meeting between college students Dexter (Woodall) and Emma (Ambika Mod) on the night of their graduation. So goes a 20-year journey that finds the pair leading separate lives but also reconnecting in very important and emotional ways. Think of it as a more serious version of When Harry Met Sally and you get the idea.

Release Date: 8 February 2024

Love is Blind: Season 6

This popular dating show/social experiment brings the drama and romance to Charlotte, North Carolina for its upcoming sixth season. Over four weeks, various singles will attempt to find love without meeting their potential soulmate face-to-face until the momentous reveal. How something so well-intentioned can simultaneously seem so shallow is truly a quandary for our modern times, but hey, that’s show business!

Release Date: 14 February 2024

The Vince Staples Show

A close associate with the Odd Future collective, hip-hop star Vince Staples will further flex his creative muscles in this Netflix original comedy series. It takes place in Long Beach, California, and follows the semi-rich and semi-famous rapper through a variety of misadventures. If it’s anything like Atlanta or Dave, we’ll definitely be watching.

Release Date: 15 February 2024

Best New Movies on Netflix

This month, Netflix will release some classic licensed titles such as Home Alone and The Abyss along with a handful of originals. Here’s a closer look at two new films coming your way.

Mea Culpa

Singer and actress Kelly Rowland plays criminal attorney Mea Harper in this brand-new legal thriller from Tyler Perry. While defending an artist (Trevante Rhodes) against murder charges, Harper crosses personal and professional lines to a potential point of no return.

Release Date: 23 February 2024

Code 8 Part II

Welcome back to Lincoln City, a futuristic dystopia where 4% of the population possesses special powers. This time around, ex-cons Connor and Garrett help a teenage girl seek justice against the corrupt cops who killed her brother.

Release Date: 28 February 2024

New Netflix Documentaries

After dropping a number of docuseries and documentaries over the past few months, Netflix Australia is back at it again. Here are the best new Netflix documentary releases to land in February 2024.

Season 6 of drive to survive
Image: F1

Formula 1 – Drive to Survive: Season 6

This turbocharged docuseries pulls back the curtain on F1 racing from all conceivable angles to bring you literal life in the fast lane. Its upcoming sixth season will cover thrilling moments from 2023 such as the record-setting victories of Max Verstappen and Red Bull, among other highlights. Gear up!

Release Date: 23 February 2024

Lover, Stalker, Killer

The month would be incomplete without a new true crime documentary such as this one about a love triangle gone awry. It takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, and centers on the romance between one man and two different women. When one of the women turns out to be a stalker, things get deadly.

Release Date: 9 February 2024

Einstein and the Bomb

Those who loved Oppenheimer will want to check out this historical docudrama, which draws exclusively from the sayings and writings of Albert Einstein. It uses a mix of archival footage and dramatic re-creations to bring his legacy to life, offering a unique window into his insights, stories, and achievements. Most notably, it will cover his escape from Nazi Germany and his thoughts on the atomic bomb.

Release Date: 16 February 2024

New Comedy on Netflix

The constantly rotating Netflix comedy lineup brings at least a few good laughs every month and this February is no exception. Here’s a closer look at some comedy specials on Netflix this month.

Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson is quite busy these days, performing stand-up to sold-out crowds and hosting the new late-night game show After Midnight. In her third Netflix special, she wonders if she can truly have it all in this crazy world. From this overarching thesis comes a riotous exploration of dating, dirty talk, dream jobs, and the roller coaster ride we call life.

Release Date: 13 February 2024

Full Netflix Release Schedule – February 2024

With all the best Netflix films, series, and documentaries now outlined and explained, it’s time to put the whole schedule on display. We’ve even included all the new Netflix kids releases and new titles coming to the Netflix family category this month. Here is everything coming to Netflix in February 2024 for your viewing pleasure.

TV Series

  • Let’s Talk About CHU – 2/2/2024
  • Love Never Lies Poland: Season 2 Part 2 – 7/2/2024
  • One Day – 8/2/2024
  • Alpha Males: Season 2 – 9/2/2024
  • A Killer Paradox – 9/2/2024
  • Good Morning, Verônica: Season 3 – 14/2/2024
  • Love Is Blind: Season 6 – 14/2/2024
  • House of Ninjas – 15/2/2024
  • AlRawabi School for Girls: Season 2 – 15/2/2024
  • Ready, Set, Love – 15/2/2024
  • The Vince Staples Show – 15/2/2024
  • Killing Eve: Seasons 1-4 – 15/2/2024
  • NCIS: Seasons 10-14 – 15/2/2024
  • Comedy Chaos – 16/2/2024
  • Rhythm + Flow Italy – 19/2/2024
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender – 22/2/2024
  • The Mire: Millennium – 28/2/2024
  • A Round of Applause – 29/2/2024


  • Despicable Me 3 – 2/1/2024
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – 2/1/2024
  • Home Alone – 2/1/2024
  • The Devil Wears Prada – 7/2/2024
  • Ashes – 9/2/2024
  • Bhakshak – 9/2/2024
  • Kill Me If You Dare – 13/2/2024
  • A Soweto Love Story – 14/2/2024
  • Players – 14/2/2024
  • The Heartbreak Agency – 14/2/2024
  • Love, Simon – 15/2/2024
  • The Abyss – 16/2/2024
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage – 16/2/2024
  • She’s the Man – 20/2/2024
  • Mea Culpa – 23/2/2024
  • Through My Window: Looking at You – 23/2/2024
  • The 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – 24/2/2024
  • Code 8 Part II – 28/2/2024


  • Raël: The Alien Prophet – 7/2/2024
  • Lover, Stalker, Killer – 9/2/2024
  • Sunderland ‘Til I Die: Season 3 – 13/2/2024
  • Little Nicholas: Life of a Scoundrel – 15/2/2024
  • Einstein and the Bomb – 16/2/2024
  • Can I Tell You A Secret? – 21/2/2024
  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 6 – 23/2/2024
  • American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders – 28/2/2024
  • The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth – COMING SOON

Comedy Specials

  • Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All – 13/2/2024
  • Mike Epps: Ready to Sell Out – 20/2/2024

Kids & Family

  • Orion and the Dark – 2/1/2024
  • Dee & Friends in Oz – 5/2/2024
  • Luz: The Light of the Heart – 7/2/2024
  • Eddie’s Lil’ Homies: Season 1 – 16/2/2024

New on Netflix FAQs

How do I browse Netflix without subscribing?

You can browse Netflix’s full catalogue of titles without subscribing by visiting With this site, you can watch the first episode of many popular series without needing to sign up.

Which is the most viewed series on Netflix?

The most-viewed series in Netflix history is reportedly season 1 of Squid Game, which generated an estimated 265,200,000 views, followed by season 1 of Wednesday with 252,100,000 views and season 4 of Stranger Things with 140,700,000 views.

Is Netflix cheaper than Prime Video?

A standard Netflix subscription with ads is cheaper than Prime Video, while a standard subscription without ads is slightly more expensive than Prime Video. Netflix’s standard with ads is priced at AUD$6.99 per month while Prime Video will set you back AUD$9.99 per month.

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