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'The Boys' season 4 is new on Prime Video in June 2024 | Image: Prime Video

New on Prime Video in June 2024

The boys are back this June and by that we mean The Boys, Prime Video’s irreverent takedown of the superhero subgenre. This series has become so beloved and expansive that one might say the world it’s built is akin to the MCU but with way more satire and violence. Elsewhere on the streamer, we’re getting popular movie releases such as the blockbuster rom-com Anyone But You and the meme stock comedy Dumb Money. Here’s everything coming your way in June 2024.

New Releases Coming To Amazon Prime Australia in June 2024

From TV series and movies to documentaries and sports, here is everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in May 2024. The full Prime Video June 2024 release schedule is:

Movies Coming to Prime Video in June 2024

  • Support Your Local Sheriff! – 1/6/2024
  • Two Weeks – 1/6/2024
  • Koyaanisqatsi – 1/6/2024
  • Rolling Thunder – 1/6/2024
  • The Betrayed – 1/6/2024
  • The Party – 1/6/2024
  • Taking of Pelham One Two Three – 1/6/2024
  • Lone Wolf McQuade – 1/6/2024
  • Major League – 1/6/2024
  • Stand By Me – 1/6/2024
  • Jerry Maguire – 1/6/2024
  • A Knight’s Tale – 1/6/2024
  • Looking For Alibrandi – 4/6/2024
  • Mothers’ Instinct – 7/6/2024
  • Dumb Money – 10/6/2024
  • Mob Land – 10/6/2024
  • Promising Young Woman – 18/6/2024
  • Anyone But You – 21/6/2024
  • The Old Oak – 24/6/2024
  • Freelance – 28/6/2024

TV Series Coming to Prime Video in June 2024

  • LEGO Ninjago: Season 1-4 – 1/6/2024
  • Law & Order SVU: Seasons 21-23 – 1/6/2024
  • Chicago Fire: Seasons 1-7 – 1/6/2024
  • Chicago Med: Seasons 5-7 – 1/6/2024
  • Chicago PD: Seasons 7-8 – 1/6/2024
  • Magnum P.I.: Seasons 4 – 1/6/2024
  • Hannibal: Seasons 1-3 – 1/6/2024
  • Loudermilk: Seasons 1-3 – 1/6/2024
  • The Tudors: Seasons 1-4 – 1/6/2024
  • One Tree Hill: Seasons 1-9 – 1/6/2024
  • Mr. Mercedes: Seasons 1-3 – 1/6/2024
  • Masters of Sex: Seasons 1-4 – 1/6/2024
  • A League of Their Own – 1/6/2024
  • Beyond the Veil: Season 2 – 7/6/2024
  • The Boys: Season 4 – 13/6/2024
  • 1122: Season 1 – 14/6/2024
  • My Lady Jane – 27/6/2024
  • LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter: Season 2 – 29/6/2024

Documentaries & Events Coming to Prime Video in June 2024

  • Primavera Sound Live – Day 3 – 1/6/2024
  • ICC T20 World Cup Cricket – 2/6/2024
  • Marlon Wayans: Good Grief – 4/6/2024
  • WNBA: Chicago Sky at Washington Mystics – 6/6/2024
  • WNBA: Las Vegas Aces at Phoenix Mercury – 14/6/2024
  • Federer: Twelve Final Days – 20/6/2024
  • WNBA: Los Angeles Sparks at New York Liberty – 20/6/2024
  • I Am: Celine Dion – 25/6/2024
  • WNBA: Las Vegas Aces t Chicago Sky – 27/6/2024
  • WNBA: Indiana Fever at Seattle Storm – 28/6/2024

Best New Series on Amazon Prime Video

In the series department, Prime Video has something for everyone this June. That includes new seasons of fan favourites and at least one series premiere. Here are the best new series on Prime Video for this month.

The Boys: Season 4

Release Date: From 13 June 2024

The bad guys are winning and the good guys are falling apart as we enter the fourth season of this mega-popular and ultraviolent series. One might say the stakes have never been higher, but then again, when are the stakes not sky-high? Speaking of sky-high, super-antihero Homelander is crazier and more powerful than ever before and also one step away from the presidency. This should be fun.

My Lady Jane

Release Date: From 27 June 2024

This historical fantasy draws from a book series of the same name and reimagines the story of real-life figure Lady Jane Grey. Set in 1553, it wonders what might have happened had Lady Jane (played by Emily Bader) not been beheaded after serving as Queen of England for nine short days. From this creative wellspring comes an action-packed and romantic story of a damsel who saves herself from distress.

Best New Movies on Prime Video

If you didn’t catch movies like Anyone But You in theatres, you’ll have the chance to stream them on Prime Video this June. A number of other titles will also be available to rent or buy. Here are the highlights.

The Old Oak

Release Date: From 24 June 2024

Welcome to The Old Oak, the last pub standing in a northern mining village and also the name of this poignant British drama. With an influx of Syrian refugees, there comes an intense rift in a community that’s already on the brink of collapse. Can the unlikely friendship between the pub’s landlord and a young Syrian woman help mend the gap? Watch to find out.

Anyone But You

Release Date: From 21 June 2024

Sydney Sweeney stars opposite Glen Powell in one of the year’s biggest surprise hits. After a hot date turns cold, twenty-somethings Bea (Sweeney) and Ben (Powell) get stuck at the same destination wedding. To ensure the event runs smoothly—and piss off their exes—the two pretend to be a romantic couple. Hey, is anyone else out there just now finding out that this movie was loosely based on the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing? Go figure.

Dumb Money

Release Date: From 10 June 2024

We all remember the GameStop short squeeze back in 2020, when everyday traders took on Wall Street short-sellers by causing a major spike in the value of shares. This recent dramatization tells the story behind the story and focuses on Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty (played by Paul Dano), who engendered the meme stock craze via his YouTube channel. Touted as a modern-day David vs. Goliath story, it’s also an entertaining mash-up of movies like The Big Short and The Social Network. Give it 104 minutes of your time and prepare to be either inspired or appalled or a little bit of both.


Release Date: From 28 June 2024

A former special forces operative (John Cena) takes a freelance job protecting a journalist (Alison Brie) during her interview with a ruthless dictator in the fictional South American country of Paldonia. After a military coup breaks out, the journalist, her bodyguard, and the dictator all run into the jungle, where they must fight to survive. Are we absolutely sure AI didn’t make this movie?

Mob Land

Release Date: From 10 June 2024

Remember John Travolta? The pre-eminent comeback star of the 1990s and early 2000s has sadly gone the way of so many former A-listers by taking paychecks as quickly as he can cash them. Enter 2023’s Mob Land, in which he plays a small-town sheriff in the heart of Louisiana. When some men decide to rob a pill mill, our local hero finds himself in the midst of a violent battle involving desperate criminals and the New Orleans mafia. Well, at least it’s not Gotti.

Mothers’ Instinct

Release Date: From 7 June 2024

Seasoned cinematographer Benoît Delhomme makes his directorial debut with this psychological thriller set in 1960s suburbia. Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain play next-door neighbours Celine and Alice, whose lives are upended by a shocking tragedy. Buried feelings bubble to the surface as the story takes darker and darker turns. Sounds juicy!

Best New Documentaries and Events on Prime Video

Whether you’re big on music or deep into cricket, Prime Video has something for you this June. Here’s a closer look.

Federer: Twelve Final Days

Release Date: From 20 June 2024

This upcoming sports documentary was originally filmed as a home movie and was never intended for public viewing. It follows Roger Federer during the final 12 days of his legendary career and offers a truly candid glimpse of the tennis icon. Rounding out the intimate portrait are interviews with competitors and friends such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray.

'I Am: Celine Dion' (2024) | Image: Prime Video
‘I Am: Celine Dion’ (2024) | Image: Prime Video

I Am: Celine Dion

Canadian singer Celine Dion was still on top of the world when she was diagnosed with a life-changing illness in 2022. This heartfelt documentary takes us behind the scenes in the time since and doubles as a love letter to her adoring fans. If her music doesn’t inspire you, her perseverance surely will.

Release Date: From 25 June 2024

ICC T20 World Cup Cricket

The ICC T20 World Cup of Cricket kicks off in early June and Prime Video will stream matches live for the first time. The Super Eight starts on 20 June and a champion will be crowned on 30 June in Barbados. Be there! Well, not there there, but at home on your couch watching. Or there there if you feel like travelling. Whatever works for you, is what we’re trying to say.

Release Date: From 2 June 2024

Things to Consider for Prime Video

When it comes to choosing what to watch on Prime Video, the options are vast, but it all starts with a membership. If you want to make the most of your subscription, watch new movies or score great deals on the latest flicks, consider these factors.


If you are wondering how much Prime Video costs in Australia, then we have you covered. Prime Video costs AUD$9.99 a month in Australia. However, it is cheaper to sign up for a year with the annual price listed at AUD$79.

Which is Better, Netflix or Amazon Prime in Australia?

Amazon Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix in Australia and has a range of originals and syndicated series, however, Netflix is by far the most popular streaming service, boasting pop-culture phenomenons such as Stranger Things and The Queen’s Gambit. In terms of which is the better streaming service, Prime Video is better value but Netflix has more range.

What Does a Prime Video Subscription Include?

A Prime Video subscription includes original content, offline downloading, 4K and HDR streaming for AUD$9.99 per month as a standalone service in Australia.