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The peripheral

New on Amazon Prime in October 2022

You wanted more content and Amazon Prime Video delivered. Jeff Bezos‘ multi-billion dollar entertainment juggernaut has dropped another delicious binge-worthy buffet of movies, series, documentaries and a few fan favourites. From the awkwardly written by beautifully shot Lord of the Rings prequel The Rings of Power to Jared Leto just ‘morbing’ all over the place, the streaming service isn’t afraid to through a few darts at the map and neither should you. Here’s what is coming to Amazon Prime Video Australia in October 2022.

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Best New Series on Amazon Prime

The whole reason we come to the streamer in the first place, new Amazon Prime Video series launches are the stuff of gold. This month, we’ve got a whole host of strange new releases, headlined by one major Middle Earth addition. Here are the best new series coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022.

The Rings of Power

The world’s most expensive television series is continuing to drop us all back in Middle Earth, dropping episode after episode each Saturday (Friday, if you’re in the US) night. While the costuming is breathtaking, the scenery absolutely sublime, the writing for The Rings of Power leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s face it – when you’re trying to pull from the Tolkien archives for a fresh and bold new take on a beloved classic, you’re always going to run into some hurdles.

The Rings of Power does manage to catch the weird and challenging battle between cultures and races that has for long been the LotR gameplan. Set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the show sees Galadriel – previously played by Cate Blanchett, replaced by Morfydd Clark – as they “confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth”. Over the first few episodes, not a lot has really happened, so we’re expecting some blockbuster reveals during October, but for now, it’s a bit of a style over substance thing. Nevertheless, if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you definitely need to check it out.

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Release Date: Weekly on Saturdays

The Peripheral

Chloe Grace Moretz is back and this time, she’s in VR? I don’t know, the plot for The Peripheral is a little confusing, but then again it comes from Memento writer Jonathan Nolan, along with Lisa Joy, the creator of modern sci-fi epic WestworldIn this new Amazon Prime series, Moretz plays Flynne Fisher, a Southern girl who works at a 3D printing shop while simultaneously earning money playing VR games for rich people (duh). During her metaverse escapades one night, she dons the headset and finds herself in futuristic London, however, all is not as it seems.

Despite looking and feeling like the other VR worlds she has been in, Flynne quickly realises that this setting is very different and very much real. Apparently, 70 years in the future, some boffin has managed to open a portal to Flynne’s world, which poses terrifying implications and the same issues that inevitably arise from every time travel film ever created. The good news is The Peripheral almost feels like it can pull it all together, however, we’ll have to wait until October 21 to find out.

Release Date: 21 October 2022

The Devil’s Hour

Alright Amazon Prime Video, we see you. Taking a brief respite from dishing out Luxe Listings-fuelled buyer’s remorse, the streaming service has gone back to basics, delivering The Devil’s Hour, which looks to be a seriously entertaining original horror series. The new show follows Lucy, a young mother who is haunted by a chilling vision every night at exactly 3:33, The Devil’s Hour. Over many weeks, things in Lucy’s life start to get weirder, with her son withdrawn and emotionless, her mother speaking to empty chairs and a series of brutal murders taking her once-quaint little town in a chokehold of fear. Insert a manhunt and a blue hue over the entire screen. Nice one.

Release Date: 28 October 2022

High School

Remember Tegan and Sara, the indie-pop due that had a stranglehold on this writer’s some angsty teenage music fans? Well, the two are back and more ’90s than ever, courtesy of High School. The new series is based on their best-selling memoir and details the universal struggle to forge your own identity during the most formative of years. There are plaid t-shirts galore, grunge and rave culture and even an appearance from How I Met Your Mother smokeshow, Cobie Smulders

Release Date: 28 October 2022

Best New Movies on Amazon Prime Video

While the quality of Amazon Prime Video films is a bit up and down, this month, the streamer has thrown its weight behind a few major releases. Liam Neeson is back kicking the living shit out of everyone in Memory and the Robert Eggers masterpieces The Northman makes its way to the small screen for the first time. Here are the best new movies on Amazon Prime this month.


You already know what this one is going to be about. Liam Neeson stars in a new film that feels like an exact carbon copy of Taken, albeit with a slightly different name and MO. Sure, it’s a tired trope that we’ve seen a million times by now, but who cares? Watching the big dog run around destroying hordes of people like his arthritis isn’t flaring up is just entertainment gold, no matter how you slice it.

This time around, Neeson is an assassin-for-hire, capable of overcoming literally anything, however, he’s battling a new foe that seems to be winning the fight – memory loss! While on an FBI sting operation led by agent Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce), Alex uncovers a child prostitution ring south of the border. As Alex guides the FBI in the right direction, his inability to remember the details begins putting him in serious danger. If you’ve ever wondered what James Bond with dementia would look like, you’ve unironically found it with Memory.

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Release Date: 7 October 2022

Catherine Called Birdy

Set in 1290, Catherine Called Birdy follows (somewhat unsurprisingly) Lady Catherine, the youngest child of Lord Rollo and Lady Aislinn. Formerly a family of great esteem, the Medieval tycoons have gone all Pete Murray on us, seeing better days. In response, they decide to ship Catherine off to fix their financial woes, but this spirited, clever and cunning young woman isn’t about to let a little human trafficking stop her from having fun. She messes with her suitors in increasingly ingenious ways, driving a wedge between her and her family. Not the kind of thing we’d normally sign up for, but it’s got Billie Piper in it, so that’s a plus.

Release Date: 7 October 2022

The Northman

Violent, creepy and deeply unsettling, the Robert Eggers hit The Northman makes its way onto Amazon prime in October. The visionary filmmaker behind The Lighthouse and The Witch‘s most recent outing sees Alexander Skarsgård as a vengeful Viking prince on the hunt for blood. Set in 10th-century Iceland, the film follows the young Viking prince on his quest to avenge his father’s murder and also boasts a laundry list of talent in front of the camera and behind it. The Northman stars Alexander Skarsgård, Ethan Hawke, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe, Björk and Australia’s own Nicole Kidman.

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Release Date: 22 October 2022


It’s Morbing time. Boasting a so-bad-its-almost-impressive 15 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Jared Leto’s turn as the vampire-esque superhero that is somehow immune to everything except negative reviews is hitting Amazon Prime Video in October. Widely described as the worst Marvel film ever made, Morbius sees Leto as a dangerously ill man struggling with a rare blood disorder. Determined to save others suffering the same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble that at first glance appears to be a radical success, but over time, the reality of the darkness inside him is unleashed.

While this film is far from Leto’s best work, it’s not entirely horrible. The 15 per cent fresh rating comes from critics, while on the audience front, most people actually seemed to like it, scoring a pretty solid 71 per cent average rating. At worst, Morbius is a slap in the face to superhero flicks but at best, it’s a fun light-hearted romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We will leave you with one review, however, which we found too hilarious to omit.

“Cursed with uninspired effects, rote performances, and a borderline nonsensical story, this dreary mess is a vein attempt to make Morbius happen.”

Release Date: 29 October 2022

New Documentaries on Amazon Prime

This month, Amazon Prime Video has shied away from the documentary side of things, only releasing one, however, it is a heavyweight title that packs a punch. Here are the best new documentaries coming to Amazon Prime in October 2022.

Mark Hunt: The Fight of His Life

Mark Hunt is the New Zealand/Samoan fighter that Australia has inadvertently claimed as its own and his story is one of seriously triumph. In Mark Hunt: The Fight of His Life, the former UFC mixed martial artist and kickboxer chronicles his tumultuous career from childhood abuse at the hands of his father to his lowly start in the ring and triumph in the UFC. It’s confronting, brutal and uplifting all at once proving once and for all, Hunt is an absolute legend.

Release Date: 1 October 2022

Everything Coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022

With all the best movies, series and documentaries Amazon Prime Video has to offer delved into, it’s time to put the whole schedule on display. Here is everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022 for your viewing pleasure.

  • Raging Bull (1/10/22)
  • West Side Story (1/10/22)
  • Puss in Boots (1/10/22)
  • Top Gun (1/10/22)
  • Mark Hunt: The Fight of His Life (1/10/22)
  • Criminal (2016) (5/10/22)
  • Reginald the Vampire S1 (5/10/22)
  • Memory (7/10/22)
  • Catherine Called Birdy (7/10/22)
  • The Duke (2022) (8/10/22)
  • The Voices (12/10/22)
  • Chuck S1-S5 (15/10/22)
  • Wolf Creek 2 (19/10/22)
  • Goosebumps (20/10/22)
  • The Peripheral S1 (21/10/22)
  • The Northman (22/10/22)
  • Ambulance (2022) (22/10/22)
  • The Cabin in the Woods (26/10/22)
  • 2 Broke Girls S1 – S6 (27/10/22)
  • High School S1 (28/10/22)
  • The Devil’s Hour S1 (28/10/22)
  • Morbius (29/10/22)

General FAQs

What new movies are coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022?

There are a number of new films coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022. These include: Raging Bull, West Wide Story, Puss in Boots, Top Gun, Memory, Wolf Creek 2, The Northman, Ambulance, and Morbius.

What new series are coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022?

Known for its originals, Amazon Prime Video is home to some great series. In October 2022, Amazon Prime Video is adding: The Peripheral, The Devil's Hour, 2 Broke Girls, and Reginald the Vampire.

What new documentaries are coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022?

There is only one new documentary coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022. This is Mark Hunt: The Fight of His Life .


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