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What Does ‘Pookie’ Mean? TikToks New Favourite Word Explained

The TikTok couple that’s stolen hearts and dominated feeds is the charming duo of Campbell ‘Pookie’ and Jett Puckett. Winning over audiences with their endearing content, they’re credited with putting the word “Pookie” back on the map. Embodying everything that this dynamic couple stands for, we’re looking at what “Pookie” means through the lens of this viral couple. After all, they’re the word and the word is them!

Short answer: According to Urban Dictionary, Pookie is “a nickname which you call your best friend or someone you really love,” while wikiHow says it’s “a term of endearment people use to describe something cute.” We say it’s a synonym for words like babe, darling, honey, sweetheart, and sugar.

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How ‘Pookie’ Came Back in Style

You can thank Campbell “Pookie” Puckett and her husband Jett for bringing the word back after using it across their social media accounts. “Pookie” has carved out a niche as an influencer with an impressive following that continues to climb closer to 2 million across Instagram and TikTok. Meanwhile, Jett navigates the world of finance, specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Together, they form a formidable team, captivating viewers with delightful fit checks and heartfelt moments.

The couple epitomises modern-day relationship goals in the heart of Atlanta. Their posts showcasing date/night ensembles, travel escapades, and everyday adventures have garnered widespread admiration. However, a video of Jett praising his wife’s impeccable style propelled them to viral fame, captivating millions with genuine affection and relatable charm is what brought the word back to the main stage.

Their journey began at a Philadelphia wine bar. While pursuing a joint M.B.A./J.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania, Jett started a conversation with Pookie, then a flight attendant. “I walked up to the prettiest girl at a wine bar in Philadelphia and just started talking to her,” reminisces Jett in a TikTok snippet detailing their romantic beginnings.

“Two days later, we were inseparable, and ten months later, we were engaged.”

Jett’s genuine adoration for his wife, frequent appearances in her videos, and thoughtful gestures have endeared them to audiences. Their content resonates with viewers who appreciate authenticity and genuine connection in an increasingly digital world. Despite the fame, they remain grounded, embodying the essence of a loving and supportive partnership.

In a digital landscape filled with fleeting trends and overnight sensations, Pookie and Jett Puckett stand out as genuine, relatable, and inspiring figures. As they continue to share their journey with the world, they remind us of the power of love, authenticity, and connection in an ever-changing online world.

How to Use the Word ‘Pookie’

To better explain how to use the word “Pookie,” let’s quote the master himself, Jett Puckett:

  • “Pookie looks absolutely fire tonight”
  • “Pookie you look particularly amazing tonight”
  • “The Pookinator has murdered her festival outfit”
  • “Pookie is looking so gorgeous, it should be illegal”
  • “Pookie’s outfit is giving ‘Sex and the City” Carrie vibes tonight”

You can simply replace any word like babe, darling, honey, sweetheart, and sugar. It’s merely a nickname for your significant other so there’s no wrong way to use it.

That’s it for now Pookie, but if you’re confused about any other TikTok words you can check out our guide to more TikTok words below: