One Pen to Rule Them All – Montblanc for BMW Centennial Fountain Pen

montblanc for bmw centennial fountain penIf you’re one of the precious lucky few to lay claim to a new BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS model car then gear up because the exclusivity is just beginning. That’s right, not only are you one among a mere one hundred people to own this triumph of automotive engineering, but as a complimentary gift you’ll receive a limited edition ‘Montblanc for BMW’ Centennial Fountain Pen. Bling bling! Luxury is calling!

montblanc for bmw car side view

Seriously, though, it’s one hell of a pen, symbolizing not just the ongoing partnership between two legendary brands but their respective 100 and 110-year anniversaries as well. It’s also the pinnacle of timeless craft boiled down to something that can fit in the palm of your hand. Like the BMW Individual 7 Series this unique Montblanc Meistersuck pen is limited to one hundred pieces, which equates to one for every new owner. In Australia that means two lucky bastards who get to take home this truly rare Montblanc pen and a pretty sweet car as well.

montblanc for bmw fountain pen on the seat

And what makes this pen so spectacular besides its limited run? Primarily the fact that it incorporates elements from the new limited edition BMW luxury cars. The surface of the pen was designed to resemble quilted seat covers, and the colour matches the Centennial Blue of the car’s exterior. On the rhodium-plated gold nib is an engraving that aligns with stitching on the BMW Individual Merino leather seats.

montblanc for bmw car dashboard

Leon Mervis, Managing Director of Montblanc, Australia, had this to say about the collaboration: “The global partnership between Montblanc and BMW is a match made in heaven. Both German luxury brands share the same core values for advancement of technology and innovation and a passion for fine craftsmanship. 2016 marks great milestones for both brands, Happy Centenary BMW and Happy 110th Anniversary Montblanc!”

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