Porsche Design’s Cigar Cutter Redefines Luxury Smoking

The Porsche Design Cigar Cutter takes your cigar experience and makes it that much more enjoyable. An often overlooked aspect of the cigar experience, the cutter plays an important role in starting your smoke the right way. This stylish cigar cutter—the P3621—is a classic part of the Porsche Design Smoking Accessories line. The cutter uses double blades made from Japanese steel.

porsche design cigar cutter front

The radial and axial movement create the perfect cut on a consistent basis using a guillotine movement. The locking mechanism keeps you safe when the cutter isn’t in use. The cutter can handle cigars up to a 60-ring gauge. It measures 2.8 inches in height, by 1.75 inches in width and weighs only 4 ounces.

The cutter is available in black, and features the Porsche Design logo etched into the body. Porsche may be known for creating some of the world’s best known cars, but they aren’t just a one-trick-pony. If this cigar cutter is any indication, they are just as capable of bringing that performance reliability into any arena.

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