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Qantas club membership set for 'subscription' model shake up

Qantas Spice Up Airport Lounge Affordability with New Monthly Subscription

Enjoy your ham and cheese toasties now because airport lounges are about to get busier. A report from Executive Traveller reveals that Qantas is gearing up to introduce a low-cost subscription model for access to their exclusive terminal clubs. Under this plan, more travellers could enjoy domestic and international lounges for a reduced monthly fee, similar to how entertainment junkies subscribe to services like Netflix or Disney+. Qantas and chill?

Those who fly up the front of the plane will know that the airline currently sells Qantas Club members yearly packages, ranging from $600 to $2000, with a one-time $99 joining fee. However, an online survey released last week among the Qantas Research Panel highlighted Qantas wants to provide a subscription model that allows “greater flexibility” that will enable members to “pay as they go and cancel at any time”.

Qantas club membership set for 'subscription' model shake up
Image: Qantas

Why Qantas Wants to Sell Monthly Subscriptions

The travel-focused publication indicated that this new approach to selling Qantas lounge access is a great way to target the younger generation, who are already accustomed to paying for subscription services. Additionally, with forecasted harsh economic conditions, smaller monthly payments would be easier to sell than an upfront lump sum.

At this stage, prices for the monthly model have yet to be confirmed, but it will make it more affordable for travellers to access lounges. This raises concerns for current members and frequent flyers, who are already stressed about the increased crowding.

“MORE people in the lounges?!? It’s already pretty much at the point where it’s more enjoyable out in the terminal,” one commented.

Qantas club membership set for 'subscription' model shake up
Image: Qantas

How Qantas Club Subscription Membership Will Differ From Regular Membership

The subscription program will offer members access to twenty-four Qantas Club and Qantas Regional Lounges across Australia, spanning capital cities and major regional hubs. Additionally, members can enjoy entry to Qantas International Business Class lounges in major cities across the globe.

However, the survey states that subscription memberships will be limited to the airline’s own lounge network. Access to overseas ‘partner’ lounges at international airports where Qantas does not have a presence is not included. Additionally, broader benefits won’t be available, including bringing in a guest, higher checked baggage allowance, and access to last-minute ‘on departure’ business class upgrades using Qantas Points.

The move could be seen as a way to compete with the Virgin Australia Lounge membership program, which is priced at a flat AU$399 per year. However, Virgin’s program allows for one adult guest and three children, catering to families.