Inception 24

Inception 24 is the Most Sci-Fi Racing Yacht That You Will Ever See

Australian studio, Bury design has just shocked the yacht world with its sleek new concept called Inception 24. This seems like an alluring concoction of a racing boat and a luxury yacht while looking as if being plucked straight from a Bond film set. It is being billed as the ‘ultimate day’ boat for an adventurous owner. It is also clearly designed with a racing ethos in mind and also being lightweight in nature.

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The hull for example is narrow and lightweight while being designed for efficiency at high speeds plus bringing in more performance. The modern hull design is taken from racing yachts with lightweight construction and fit-out. It is long and narrow in its design which is also streamlined while having a sporty stance. The 79-foot dimensions give it a svelte futuristic vibe while the surfacing is very smooth with no rough edges or design flourishes. There is very much a common link between form and function.

This indeed makes the vessel increase its theoretical hull speed. Nestled within the ducted propeller is a diesel-electric hybrid system. It is also environmentally friendly with having a large battery bank which enables it to be on electric power for over an hour at 15 knots and much longer at lower speeds. Much like an electric car, you can cruise emission-free in your Bond-esque yacht with no tinge of guilt seeping in. The powertrain is also future-ready with future technical upgrades ready to be incorporated in the power chain. For more power, there is also a full foil borne, electric drive which increases the speed to 40 knots or more.

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The compact construction of the hull also brings in a narrow beam which also reduces wave energy transferred to the vessel in the form of roll motions. That means the vessel is more stable and less susceptible to roll. For added comfort, there is also an active water ballast system, which automatically and silently counters static heel due to passenger or wind loading. Hence, it is claimed that this much nimble yacht has the comfort of a much larger one yet without the dynamic pitfalls.

The Inception 24 can accommodate 4 guests overnight or up to 12 on day trips, with 2 crew. The main lounge area is decked up with a more casual seating layout while forward, there are two more cabins. Aft there is an open deck area with outside helm, twin settees, and a large sunbed with tender storage under.

Unlike other concepts, the Inception 24 is very much in the offing in terms of being the ultimate billionaire yacht with a sportier personality. This racing yacht is also the perfect quick getaway to an overnight adventure and that too without harming the environment.

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