Lexus Goes Yachting with $3.7 Million LY650

Lexus already makes luxurious automobiles, but if you’re going to challenge for the luxury crown, you’ll have to take a hand at the one vehicle that epitomizes luxury—the yacht. It’s been two years in the making, but Lexus has a contender in the yachting world, the LY 650.

Lexus Boat LY650 lounge

The LY 650 is a 65-foot-long yacht that follows up on the 42-foot Sport Yacht Concept that Lexus unveiled in 2017. To make the craft, the Japanese automaker turned to Marquis Yachts, out of Wisconsin. The duo created the boat with a long, flowing exterior made of carbon fiber that brings to mind Lexus’s LC coupe and LS saloon. The LY 650 provides three berths as well as a salon, so much like their cars, this boat from Lexus will be a comfortable, spacious experience. A big part of that comfort comes from the work of Venice-based Nuvolari Lenard, who took on the interior design. Nuvolari Lenard decked the interior out in white and wood. Each of the three bedrooms comes with an ensuite bathroom and has room for double occupancy, creating enough space to sleep six, though the craft can accommodate a total of 15 people.

Lexus Boat LY650 deck view

As you would expect from Lexus, this yacht has plenty of power to get you wherever you’re going. Lexus used twin Volvo Penta IPS engines for the LY 650. The pair of engines pump out 1,350 horsepower, which propels the yacht to speeds of 31.4 knots. With the help of new Lexus technology, “LY-link,” the powertrain provides real-time updates on voltage, fuel, and water levels as well as detecting any problems and alerting you when service is needed.

Lexus Boat

With the unveiling of the LY 650, you can expect to see the automaker jumping into other categories as well. Lexus has already announced plans to expand into the culinary, design, and film industries as it looks to build out its Lifestyle Portfolio. Akio Toyoda, the chief branding officer and president of Toyota Motor Corporation, explains that the LY 650 “symbolizes the challenge Lexus has taken up in its aspiration to become a true luxury lifestyle brand venturing beyond the automobile. As a mobility company, we are pursuing new possibilities for movement, even on the sea.” With a $3.7 million luxury yacht already under wraps, one thing is certain, whatever their next mobility challenge is, it will be luxurious.

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Lexus Boat LY650

Lexus Boat LY650 top view

Lexus Boat LY650 back view