1940 BMW 328 Roadster Up for Auction

And today in “holy crap that’s an awesome car” is the 1940 BMW 328 Roadster. Recently up for auction, the curvaceous stunner has a legacy as extraordinary as its build. It was completely dismantled in the 1950s, reunited with its original body, chassis and engine in the 1990s, and then immaculately restored in the early 2000s. Consider it living proof that true artistry never dies. Or just call it a damn fine car. Whatever works for you.

bmw 328 roadster front side

In the late 30s, BMW was the indisputable king of sports cars in Europe. One look at the 1940 328 Roadster and it’s easy to see why. The sleek beast is supposedly one of the first BMWs built by famous coachbuilder Touring of Milan. Touring employed a patented “superleggera” construction method, which involved using steel tubes and thin aluminium panels to create an A-shaped frame. Such crafty engineering enabled independent front suspension and made way the lightweight alloy body wrap. Similar methods would be used on early Ferraris.

engine of bmw 328 roadster

Under the silver skin is a dry-sump pushrod engine with hemispherical combustion chambers. It’s all part of the irrefutably refined and novel package. Accordingly, the Roadster catches your eye and first sight and lingers in your brain long after that.

Check it out

steering of bmw 328 roadster

top view of bmw 328 roadster

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