1968 Porsche 908 Works Short-Tail Coupe Rose from the Dead

The 1,000km race at Spa, Belgium, saw two 908 Porsches compete for the title. Making the cars even more rare, they were two of five that were fitted with the special short-tail bodywork. The car was a response to the new rules for Group 6 Prototype Sports Cars announced by the FIA a year earlier. Porsche developed a new eight-cylinder boxer motor that was all alloy, twin ignition, and four cam. The engine produced around 350hp with 232 foot-pounds of torque. Combined with a total weight of only 1,300 pounds, the 908 was a beast on the track.

porsche 908 car bumpers

The Spa race is notorious for its curves and constantly changing weather. In the course of the race, driver Jochen Neerpasch knocked down a telephone pole and was knocked unconscious. The car was heavily damaged, and put into storage. Decades later, an American Porsche fan, Dale Miller, acquired the car and had it restored. The damage was done mainly on the right side. The original steel spaceframe was restored and damaged tubing was replaced. Missing parts were also replaced. The engine was replaced with a series-correct, factory-original flat-eight engine with a 908 five-speed transaxle.

top view porsche 908 car

After the restoration, the car was mainly displayed until it was sold in December 2006. Since then, the Porsche has competed in vintage events. Additionally, the Porsche has won several awards. This ultra-rare gem came back from the scrap heap and beautifully represents a golden age of racing.

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porsche 908 car steering

porsche 908 car seats

porsche 908 car headlight

porsche 908 car white color rear view

porsche 908 car wheel

porsche 908 car on the road

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