A 1993 Restomod Land Rover Defender Just Sold on eBay for $100,000

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find Defenders, so it seems like a bit of a rarity for one to pop up on eBay. Nevertheless, a 1993 Land Rover Defender was recently sold on eBay, and hopefully, we’ll see more like it.

restomod defender dashboard and steering wheel

The body for the Defender was, for all intents and purposes, essentially brand new despite the vehicle being considered to be in used condition. The seller replaced the galvanised bulkhead and installed new gaskets for the front and bottom doors. In fact, the most common word used in the description is “new”—new front glass with new gaskets, new door handle mechanism, new front vent seals, new wiper box and arms, new rear bumper powder coated black, etc.

A roof rack with lights was also added. As both a design feature and as a functional instrument, a thick two rope holds down the Defender’s hood. A glossy black paint job finishes off the stunning looks of this Defender.

restomod defender sold ebay

The inside also lays claim to the word new. The genuine leather interior 7x cowhide is new to the Defender, as is the custom Alcantara suede headliner. The cargo and cabin feature a new black carpet. Sound deadening insulation was also added. Just about everything, from the dash to the seatbelts to the seat brackets and door handle mechanism are new. The stereo and sound system were also updated with an 11-inch color Google platform touchscreen display. The system can sync with GPS, Bluetooth, and internet browsers.

Restomod Defender 4×4 side view

Under the hood is a newer defender 200Tdi engine that is mated to a fully restored LT77 transmission. The steering gearbox was also rebuilt. New gaskets were installed throughout, and the rest of the engine has seen plenty of updates and rebuilds.
This listing may have closed, but with a little luck, more will start to pop up. Though you can expect to pay a premium seeing as how the Land Rover Defender is rapidly becoming a dying breed.

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Restomod Defender 4×4 genuine leather for car seat

Restomod Defender 4×4 back view