Bespoke 1983 Land Rover 110 V8 Hides a Masterpiece

If you’re going to bring in a well-known artist like Lisbon-based Vasco Costa to do a custom paint job on your car, you’d think that you would provide him with the biggest canvas possible.

wheel Land Rover

For their bespoke 1983 Land Rover 110 V8, CoolNVintage opted to have Costa paint the chassis. It’s an interesting choice (why have a custom paint job where no-one is going to see it?), but that’s kind of the point. You have to get up close and personal with the 110 to see the artwork—which means that you’ll find plenty more to fall in love with this car over.

front view Land Rover

And there is plenty to see. The Land Rover was upgraded with Fox suspension. It has a V8 engine and was outfitted with air conditioning, a wireless Marshall sound system, and a custom Connolly leather interior. It also has a mohair soft top and a muted grey colour on the outside.

Land Rover back view

Still, the question of why hide away all that beautiful artwork remains. CoolNVintage responded by explaining that the car was built for: “People who understand that art is a profoundly personal thing, and—like ‘place’—doesn’t need to be worn on one’s sleeve, on a baseball cap, or on the side of a car blaring that it is special. People who understand that in any event, art is not only a thing, but an experience.”

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Land rover wheel

land rover interior

brown leather satchel

brown satchel

gas pedals

hand spraypainting

land rover steering wheel

open back view Land RoverLand Rover 110 v8