BMW Builds Sweet X7 Pickup truck

Before you get your hopes up, BMW says that they’re not planning on a production series pickup truck. That being said, their BMW X7 Pickup Truck will leave you hoping that they’re just saying that. The conversion was done by a group of BMW Group vocational trainees with the help of BMW’s Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions.

“I am pleased about the synergies between BMW Group Vocational Training, Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology, allowing these young talents to prove their abilities with such an extraordinary project,” stated Milagros Caina-Andree, a member of the Board for Human Resources at BMW AG.

bmw pickup truck door open top view at the back

The truck is set to be displayed at this year’s BMW Motorrad Days.

The truck is based on the BMW X7 xDrive40i and steals the space for two of the seven seats to make room for a handcrafted loading area. The truck’s bed is finished in finely polished teak wood, and has enough room for hauling a BMW F 850 GS motorcycle. The cargo area measures 55 inches, and can be expanded to 79 inches with the tailgate down and the rear lid open. Despite being 3.9 inches longer than a regular X7, the pickup is weighs over 440 pounds less.

bmw pickup truck carrying motorbike at the back

The original car used for the project was an X7 pre-production test vehicle that was headed for the scrap heap before the trainees got ahold of it. The project took 10 months to complete. The project took a lot of custom work, including custom taillights, rear bumper, and tailgate.

The roof, rear doors, tailgate, and other parts—such as the handgrips and trim pieces—were created from a carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which helped drop the X7’s weight. Using an X7 for the base means that the pickup comes with BMW’s turbocharged inline-six, which can put out 340 horsepower.

bmw truck back view

While BMW has stated that they’re not looking to go into production with this model, it’s hard to imagine that something this cool wouldn’t find its way into the market, especially considering the increasing popularity of trucks and utility vehicles. So while you keep your expectations real, you might just be safe in getting your hopes up a bit.

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BMW Builds a X7 Pickup truck