BMW i8 E.N. Army Edition Changes the Looks but Keeps the Stats

Already endowed with a futuristic design, the BMW i8 Roadster received a special treatment for the Japan-based EVE.RYN custom shop dubbed the E.N. Army Edition. The customising began with the front end of the roadster, which received a new, custom bumper that has carbon fibre air intakes.

Flared wheel arches cover a set of gold wheels. A matte black scoop was added to the hood. The rear bumper was also changed up with rear buttresses. EVE.RYN added an army green paint job, but that doesn’t mean this roadster will be blending in anywhere.

bmw army edition

Under the hood, EVE.RYN left things alone—a good move considering the already powerful performance of the i8. The i8 comes with a mid-mounted engine connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox. And that’s just for the rear wheels. On the front, an electric engine provides plenty of thrust. The unique combination gives the i8 all-wheel drive in sports mode, and matches BMW’s M4 in performance.

Slip into hybrid mode, and the car goes all out for efficiency. In full electric mode, you can travel up to 75 miles per hour on the plug-in battery reserve. All told, the i8 roadster has 369 horsepower, and can hit 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. The changes that EVE.RYN added to the i8 no doubt improve these numbers thanks to the cuts in weight that their changes introduced.

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wheel bmw army edition

bmw i8 back view on the road