BMW’s Vision iNEXT Steps into the Future

The BMW Vision iNEXT is being heralded by BMW president Harald Kruger as the “building blocks for the future from which the entire company and all of its brands are set to benefit.” iNEXT is an all-electric, partially driverless car with more technology than you’ll know what to do with.

top view bmw vision inext

iNEXT is set to be automated and emission free. It will also be fully connected. As an automated vehicle, the iNEXT can enter “ease mode,” which allows the driver to turn over driving functions while taking advantage of the spacious interior for a wide range of activities. BMW is touting the car as a multi-functioning hub where passengers can work, relax, interact, or be entertained all while being chauffeured to their destination.

Part of that multi-functionality is achieved by having control screens that are hidden in the backseat and which are activated by touch. Simply move your finger on the fabric and the screens will know whether you’re looking to play some music or get some work done. iNEXT also takes advantage of exterior cameras to replace mirrors, making your drive safer. The doors will also be touch sensitive and will not feature locks. There’s even an overhead projector in the backseat that plays films on a wide, blank paper book instead of on the typical backseat TV screens.

headlight bmw inext

iNEXT may be the future of BMW, but it also looks to set the trend for the entire automotive industry.

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bmw vehicle side view

back view inext bmw