Chelsea Trucks Co. Defender 110 Flying Huntsman Packs in the Passengers

Sometimes stretched vehicles are just longer cars with an extra axle bolted on. That’s not the case with the Chelsea Trucks Co. Defender 110 Flying Huntsman designed by Afzal Kahn. For the Flying Huntsman, Kahn went with a fully operational six-wheel drive drivetrain that has both high and low gearing, as well as locking differentials.

That means the six Cooper LTZZ 275/55/20 tires will each be grabbing the road instead of just tagging along for the ride. The Flying Huntsman seats nine, so it’s meant for larger groups. “The Civilian Carrier is a stunning six-wheel drive car, ideal for big families who enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors,” explains Kahn. With the extra set of wheels and the power to back them up, no doubt this vehicle could be used for some pretty rough terrain. At the same time, the custom interior will be right at home on the streets of Rodeo Drive.

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No word on the engine as of yet, but even the standard 2.2-litre turbodiesel has plenty to offer. Passengers will be treated to the view of any journey thanks to the many windows and the three sunroofs. The Flying Huntsman isn’t currently available in the US, but in the meantime, you can start saving your pennies.

You’ll need about USD$350,000 worth to pick up this custom.

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