Forget a Good Offense, BMW’S X5 VR6 is the Best Defense

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to buy a BMW, here’s another one. The BMW X5 VR6 offers a new defense that can protect against AK-47 bullets and grenades.

BMW’S X5 VR6 Protects Against AK-47 Bullets And Grenades

With more security vehicles being built on a Sports Activity Vehicle base, BMW’s VR6 enters into a criteria that “offers private individuals and persons at risk customized protection against violent attacks, kidnapping or organized crime.” The VR6 architecture had already taken into account the need for amped up protection, but when combined with BMW’s driving dynamics, advanced technology, and comfort, the VR6 is a perfect car to turn into a secure vehicle. And since the VR6 is nearly identical to the BMW X5, it’s completely discreet, which only adds to its safety. The added security features made it possible for the VR6 to pass through the official certification process carried out according to guidelines established by VPAM. This certification found that the VR6 meets the Guidelines for Bullet Resistant Vehicles (BRV 2009), Explosive Resistant Vehicles (ERV 2010), and PAS 300.

BMW’S X5 VR6 headlight

All that to say that the armor for the VR6 offers “effective protection against attacks by handguns and long firearms using ammunition up to a caliber of 7.62 x 39 FeC or 7.62 x 39 SC—as an example, AK-47 bullets fall into this range. The armor can also withstand a lateral blast of up to 15 kilograms of TNT from a distance of only four meters. Even more impressive, the armor can take multiple hits. Post Blast Protective Technology in the windows keeps the windows in position after an initial attack, which eliminates gaps in the vehicles defense. Underbody reinforcement made of fiber composite materials protects from explosives placed under the vehicle. It can effectively protect against type HG85 hand grenades. And if you’re worried about snipers above the vehicle, the roof can be reinforced to the extent that it can protect against a drone attack using explosive charges.

BMW’S X5 VR6 can protect against ak-47 bullets and grenades

So, basically, the VR6 is essentially a tank that’s been redesigned to look like a BMW X5—because if you’re going to be safe, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and comfort.

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BMW’S X5 VR6 back view